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  1. Professur

    Politics ... or why I'm a monarchist

    That Boeing whistleblower didn't kill himself either.
  2. Professur

    Politics ... or why I'm a monarchist

    So the US had a former first lady and secretary of state who is on record as having an illegal email server (which was repeatedly hacked) and destroyed data (also illegal) and the DOJ found 'she didn't mean to do anything wrong' and didn't press charges. A sitting president who, while only a...
  3. Professur

    So is this place accepting posts again?

    Hey Cheeseman ... Is the bomb shelter locked for everyone, or just me?
  4. Professur

    I think I remember some of you f*ckers....

    *Breathes a sigh of relief at the appearance of another survivor.*
  5. Professur

    A new day

    The general misery of powerless intelligent people having to endure being governed by the unwashed idiot masses.
  6. Professur

    I think I remember some of you f*ckers....

    Hey Tarez. Nice to know you're still kicking. We've lost a few.
  7. Professur

    A new day

    Nice to see you guys again.
  8. Professur

    A new day

    Let's see if we can bring back the glory
  9. Professur

    So is this place accepting posts again?

    T'would be nice
  10. Professur

    Peabody's Way Forward Machine (OTC in 2023)

    Is this thing on?
  11. Professur

    Quick!! Which sea is expanding?

  12. Professur

    And a happy new year....

    Happy new year everyone ... where ever you are
  13. Professur

    Don't cucumber cleanse Like this is anything new.
  14. Professur

    Star Trek Discovery

    Thoughts? I'm hearing that it's 'Innovative, edgy and follows Star Trek's core of social activism' to 'It's flat out SJW' Opinions? Personally, I can't watch it ... the filming style is so awful it hurts the eyes.
  15. Professur

    Remember Trudeau welcoming all those 'New Canadians' ....

    Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta will soon be able to learn Arabic in the classroom. The government announced Saturday night that an Arabic school curriculum will be available for schools to access in fall 2018. The program will be based on an existing Edmonton Public Schools...
  16. Professur

    Ice ice icicles

    Icicles, bicycles, testicles.
  17. Professur


    Facebook is the place for people stupid enough to accept that something Donald Trump said in a private conversation he should be hung for ... but dozens of celebrities who mouthed in public and on record that they'd leave the country if he left was just pillow talk ... but everything else they...
  18. Professur

    Which dirt bag are You voting for?

    Unlikely. I refuse to vote. I offer for thought I'd say that the candidate list appearing on the ballots bears out the truth of this statement. Not one candidate ... not even the Green party ... has a platform that survives scrutiny. The Libertarian candidate repeatedly calls for more gov't...
  19. Professur


    And members too dumb to understand what all that accumulated data is. I refuse to offer myself to someone stupid enough to us the password "dadada" on his personal accounts.
  20. Professur

    Car troubles

    We'll be getting the missus something newer instead. I'll use her old one until the V8s are back in service. I'd rather not be hostage to 5 miles of wires and sensors just waiting to fuck up. My old cars are easy to fix given free time. Only free time is rare in the short term.