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  1. Gonz

    Politics ... or why I'm a monarchist

    Epstein didn't kill himself
  2. Gonz

    20 years is a long time

    Like it wasn't drinking underage
  3. Gonz

    Let's try this again

    As well as can be fury...staying out of trouble?
  4. Gonz

    Let's try this again

    Like there's been anything worth keeping in that time frame
  5. Gonz

    Jail time for watching animated child porn

    Good thing he wasn't watching Roadrunner/Wile E Coyote too, they might have popped him for weapons possession
  6. Gonz

    Bang ... Zoom ...

    We have no possibility of using Venus as a base, or anything else for that matter. We might find a use for the arid planet
  7. Gonz

    If you argued that this would never happen ...

    Let's make it simpler, here's a list of what they may do
  8. Gonz

    When you're innocent, you've nothing to fear?

    I recall, in the late 80's, an unusual number of suppressed memory child abuse convictions. It seemed weird then & it looks like another reason to question "scientific evidence". They're always changing their minds about what's real & what isn't. [edit] Oh, look, that's all part of the story I...
  9. Gonz

    this is obviously an inside job.

    What's a son to do?
  10. Gonz

    Change you can believe in

    Just so long as it's a government modified & provided chicken
  11. Gonz

    Change you can believe in

    Poor Juan can't handle the truth
  12. Gonz

    In the Obamanation

    What about the half-wits in your neighborhood?
  13. Gonz

    In the Obamanation

    Oh good, I've been set straight. Wait, I've seen several things about "fair wages" & Wal-Mart. Sorry, you're wrong, as usual
  14. Gonz

    In the Obamanation

    The good news is, those who don't work there will raise a fuss about your lack of a livable income, will stop shopping there (or induce others to not shop there), making it harder to get a job there. Thank gawd for helpful busybodies
  15. Gonz

    Pick your kids up from school and get arrested

    I watched that. The school was wrong. The cop was unreasonable. The parent was a PITA. However, it is his kid(s)
  16. Gonz

    Move along, nothing to see here

    Southern culture? Fuck man, go to Hoboken
  17. Gonz

    "Judge, he was clenching his buttocks so we need to search for drugs."

    I saw the Blaze story several hours after I posted this. Even if he's a drug magnate, let's keep our fingers out of his ass after the x-ray says no. I wonder what peon cop got the job of watching him shit.
  18. Gonz

    "Judge, he was clenching his buttocks so we need to search for drugs."

    Make that several articles have omitted that. I've not seen it written yet, except by you. Excessive or abuse of authority?
  19. Gonz

    "Judge, he was clenching his buttocks so we need to search for drugs."

    This should have been in response to gotholics thread
  20. Gonz

    this is obviously an inside job.

    I keep seeing the term "assault rifle". Yet, I've not seen any further details on the weapon. Was it an AR? AK? Mini-14? Seems that nobody knows for sure psycho drugs...that's another unanswered question (if not, he'd be the first in quite some time)