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    When a video shows the First Woman (not Lady) singing lyrics that are basically saying the same things at a concert, in front of Her daughters it tells all.
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    Peabody's Way Forward Machine (OTC in 2023)

    Where's Our flying car? On the other hand, people crashing into the top of the house.
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    Which dirt bag are You voting for?

    If there was ever an apt forum name for this subject it is here. Will this get the thread count up?:rolleyes::D
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    Let's try this again

    Well glory and Hallelujah!
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    Well that was annoying.

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    WTF happened to OTC?

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    iran taunts us with monkey

    They shot their smartest citizen up in a rocket?!!! :D
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    attn: couch commandos

    Played his role better than what we have now!