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  1. unclehobart

    Foreigner's right to privacy?

    Japan? Xenophobic? Say it isnt so. har.
  2. unclehobart

    How would you handle this if you were the DA?

    If guilty, they need to go to juvi lockup until 18 and hopefully rehabbed into some form of civility before they hit the streets... or else they will be right back in inside of a year.
  3. unclehobart

    NFL week 11

    I didn't. What happend? I was liking the TO show. 4td's and a ton of yards... and he thought he was doing good... then the Brady bunch opens up a 'how to' clinic all over Buffalo and get Randy Moss 4 td's in the first half alone. Mighty scary when everything clicks. Its also just as scary...
  4. unclehobart

    World's most expensive dessert...
  5. unclehobart

    World's most expensive dessert...

    Perhaps it was a caged kept mouse fed a strict diet of highest quality cocoa and its turds used as the most exotic desert topping. I guess its possible since the most expensive coffee in the world is fished out of cat turds.
  6. unclehobart

    a real Wucking Findy day!

    Hush, dear... have another shot. Its getting warm in here. Lets take off that coat.
  7. unclehobart

    Illegal and immoral...

    Yeah... but they make you wear green every day and cut your hair... and even make you get up at dawn and salute the goldurn flag... I mean.. wow... teh loOzer! I thought the army was about fighting in theaters of war where the local women make at least half decent hookers. Enough with the...
  8. unclehobart

    a real Wucking Findy day!

    Bah. Straight from the bottle is the only way to fly.
  9. unclehobart

    Problems Problems

    It was very noticable for me because... well lets take my kitchen as example: The thing has 11 lights that used to run 120 watt large spotlight bulbs. They were replaced with 27 watt CFE's. That trimmed the power use from a brutal 1320 watts down to 297. When you switch out the primary living...
  10. unclehobart

    How 'BOUT them tigers!!!

    I saw that game. It was boring in the first half but went nutso mid third... god knows it took 4 damn hours of airtime with 47 overtimes.
  11. unclehobart

    Bitter ex...

    Sounds viable to me... except that if the courts rule that he blended his finances through the church and used it for his business, then he needs to go to jail for money laundering and tax evasion.
  12. unclehobart

    Problems Problems

    Going to CFE's dropped my energy use a good 20%.
  13. unclehobart

    Methinks this guy is in bad trouble

    I saw that on the news last night. I don't think he was charged up to that point... but making the national news always seems to make junior DA's a tad more froggy with prosecutions in order to make a name for themselves.
  14. unclehobart

    'overt' plane activity

    That high altitude will mess with ya like a 6 pack, I tells ya.
  15. unclehobart

    steering and traction protection

    Soz. I sees it when I sees it.
  16. unclehobart

    Problems Problems

    I've been here for 8 years... but its immaterial as I have based my price as the literal KWh price... plus the junk fees, not total usage.
  17. unclehobart

    Bishops remind catholics to vote what they tell you too.

    I don't think its a direct crime, but the church that they represent can be stripped of their tax exempt status.
  18. unclehobart

    Problems Problems

    Actually, I'm running less insofar as total KWh are concerned. I've replaced most lighting with compact flourescents and all new appliances are energy efficient. I also kicked the bum out of my basement... he was quite the power consumer. I manage the heating and cooling more efficiently as...
  19. unclehobart

    The Annual Vee Sighting

    Let me guess... keep your car off the streets for the overnight snow plows or else youre going to find your car towed or summarily shoved off the road.
  20. unclehobart

    The Annual Vee Sighting

    Pray tell... winter parking regs?