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  1. rrfield

    World Juniors!

    Shoot outs are a lame way to end a game that matters. For non-hockey fans, it would be like ending a tied basketball game with a free throw shooting contest, or a football game with a field goal kicking contest.
  2. rrfield

    Fired NFL coaches thread

    He and Jerry Jones have entertained the notion...
  3. rrfield

    Price of Manhattan apartments up

    I was born in Prescott, AZ, what's it like these days? (I don't remember it)
  4. rrfield

    Rehnquist Had Hallucinations

    Smacky the Judge!
  5. rrfield

    Wait and see

    I'm With Gonz. Put it up for a vote, at the state level. No need for an amendment to the US constitution. If Mass. wants to marry homo's, fine. I don't live in Mass. and my state doesn't have to recognize the homo-marriage if it doesn't want to. I don't think the Gov't should be marrying...
  6. rrfield

    First Muslim Congressman

    Yeah, well Lutherans are Catholic-Lite, so it's no surprise ;)
  7. rrfield

    Fired NFL coaches thread

    Who's the next sucker to take the Raiders job? I bet it stays vacant for quite some time, just like last year. Can Al Davis do anything right anymore?
  8. rrfield

    Fired NFL coaches thread

    So we have Cardinals, Falcons, Dolphins and Steelers looking for coaches. The Raiders, who knows. Al Davis could fire Art Shell on the eve of training camp for all we know. If the Giants don't win this weekend I'd say Coughlin is gone. Any predictions on replacements? My only educated...
  9. rrfield

    Poll: marital status?

    married a few months ago. despite both of our mothers wishes, no pregnancy yet.
  10. rrfield

    First Muslim Congressman
  11. rrfield

    Wait and see

    my pee pee don't go there, that's where poop comes from.
  12. rrfield

    So maybe it is a sickness after all.

    Is this available for dogs? Please tell me it is.
  13. rrfield

    Wait and see

    it's about butt-sex
  14. rrfield


    Now I'm intrigued!
  15. rrfield

    Whatcha cookin'?

    That sounds awesome! The wife is working tonight so I'm on my own for dinner. Store-brand cream of mushroom soup with the butts of the whitebread! YES!
  16. rrfield

    Where's the beef..

    Oh! I ate coyote once. It was soaked with bbq sauce though, so the meat wasn't the dominant flavor. I didn't die so it must have been a-ok.
  17. rrfield

    It's mine!

    yeah, my old roommates 10% is in the garage now. what a bum.
  18. rrfield

    So maybe it is a sickness after all.

    mine was a true story, not a statement.
  19. rrfield

    DWI - how to stop it?

    Too many If's, i.e. my perpetually trippin' eyes, diabetics sweat, cell phone users erradic driving, catholics and the wine/blood, etc.
  20. rrfield

    So maybe it is a sickness after all.

    true story: my dog (male) made another dog (male) suck his pee pee. funny as shit man, but now i call him a goddamn fagot when he pisses me off.