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  1. hellsatan

    Can you excel in this Mensa test?

    I tried it for a little less than 10 minutes and got 15 answers, but I'll do it again later... Satan
  2. hellsatan

    So...why do you hate Bill Gates and Microsoft?

    I don't hate Bill Gates... I hate Microsoft though, however I cannot switch to an alternate computer OS, as Linux will not allow me to run the processes I need to, and a Mac is not compatible with many things I require to surf the internet, such as network connections and active sync... I hate...
  3. hellsatan


    Marmite pwns 411 spreads... Jam and Marmalade suck - Marmite pwns - Nuff said;):p Satan
  4. hellsatan

    So...what are you doing on the 31st?

    Getting drunk, and scaring off little kids who come "trick or treating":D And if there are any bigger kids, I shall get in my car and drive after them, beeping my horn, and waving my soon-to-be-purchased Grandpa stick;) Btw: I am like an Old Grandpa - I hate annoying children, and adolescent...
  5. hellsatan

    Ewwwww... OTC mings....

    ... On a 240 x 320 Pocket IE browser!!!:rofl4: Just had to post that:rofl4: Satan
  6. hellsatan

    Sweet asthetics

    Wrong;) (Past tense) was is acceptable;) - However, it should be I, spelt and an A;) ------------------------------------------------------------ To use is, it would have to be the present tense;): (Present tense) Satan
  7. hellsatan

    Birthday bash!!!

    Cheers everyone!:D My birthday cake was great, and I am enjoying my refreshing alchohol as I type... God bless alchohol!:D Talk to you all later;) Satan
  8. hellsatan

    Birthday bash!!!

    Cheers:D:D:D *raises glass*:D Satan
  9. hellsatan

    Birthday bash!!!

    I would just like to extend some birthday wishes to the brilliant people who were born on this finest day in the year... ... Myself!!!!:D:D:D... oh and samcurry:p:D Happy Birthday Sam! - Only 39 years of age:D And I, of course, am 18 today!:D So all ye who can drink, raise a glass to...
  10. hellsatan

    David Blane is Dead!

    Someone tried to cut his water supply, but the police arrested him:p Satan
  11. hellsatan

    dumb question

    Ah if only all hassling women were so easily gotten rid of;):D Satan
  12. hellsatan


    Can we take that literally?:D Satan
  13. hellsatan

    Your name Statistics

    I know guys named tracy and girls named eric;) Satan
  14. hellsatan

    How old are you?

    Heh;) I want the legal accolade of being one though;) Satan
  15. hellsatan

    last letter first

    Yikes that was late...Then again, I got up at about 11am...
  16. hellsatan

    Help me......

    Lol;) I was actually just reading the thread by peterska, and thought I would mimic it to begin with... Anyway - Back to the question of "Helping me";) :) Satan
  17. hellsatan

    Help me......

    Sure you can:p You are'nt fat;) You are just big-boned:p Satan
  18. hellsatan

    Help me......

    LOL:rofl4: You seriously need that damned Kit-Kat - Take a break LOL:p Satan
  19. hellsatan

    last letter first

    Don't be man - Go get some coffee:D
  20. hellsatan

    Help me......

    Only if it is a Kit-Kat break;):p Satan