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  1. JTP

    a Kiss for ya

    Good parable.
  2. JTP

    Nolite bastardes carborundorum
  3. JTP

    How's your garden doing?

    May the harvest be worth the investment, mah fren!
  4. JTP

    Nolite bastardes carborundorum

    "phrase of Roman law, Dig. 19 tit.2 s.13, referring to the legal doctrine whereby illegitimate children could not avail themselves of the right, granted under Theodosius and later emperors, to free medical care for gum disease and tooth loss incurred as a consequence of grit in flour from the...
  5. JTP

    Triage review

    Oops, I meant Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, not Marco.
  6. JTP

    How's your garden doing?

    Way to go, Cato! You really do get right onto things, don't you? Of course, when you've got plants wilting, you can't dawdle.
  7. JTP

    How's your garden doing?
  8. JTP

    Triage review

    This movie is a couple years old now, but I'd never heard of it until last night when Andrea put in the DvD. I was very impressed and highly recommend it. Colin Farrell plays Mark, a freelance photojournalist in Kurdistan with his best friend and fellow shutterbug David, played by Jamie...
  9. JTP

    Police botch raid, kill 7 year old

    Kind of jumping to conclusions there. It didn't say "murderer" it said "suspect". It's possible to be a suspect to a crime and still be innocent of that crime. It is also possible to not even know that you are suspected by the police. :smash:
  10. JTP

    Nuke the leak?

    Most sources I've read say the Soviets had 5 successes and 1 failure in this regard. What I can't find is the size in megatons of the devices used, proximity to populated areas, and harmful side-effects. Anyone? Do y'all think the solution would be worse than the problem? The problem's pretty...
  11. JTP

    Nuke the leak?

    Moved down to the Panhandle back in December. Live on a barrier island, just a short walk to the beach. No oil here yet, but get form letters from law firms in the mail almost every day. "Jump on the Class-action suit Bandwagon!" Guy 1: "Everybody's getting upset over nothing, crude oil is a...
  12. JTP

    The end of an era began today

    "If you listen to fools...the mob rules". That brings back memories!
  13. JTP

    Police botch raid, kill 7 year old

    It has become fashionable to call out the SWAT team and kick in doors and throw grenades just in the last few decades. Makes for good television. Reminds us of the good ole days of Prohibition.
  14. JTP

    Woman Claims She Got Pregnant From 3D Film

    "Rule 34: If it exsists, there is a porn of it" -BoP Werewolf Porn: The werewolf mating scene in The Howling was pretty erotic. But it leads to the question- If you had a were-baby, would you dare breast-feed during the full moon? :elaugh2:
  15. JTP

    Arizona takes one step closer to Fascism

    Of course, there's plenty of archaeological evidence that whenever the prehistoric (pre-honkey) Americans' population density got too high, they resorted to organized warfare. You don't build palisaded towns with moats around them unless you've got serious enemies. It's a simple formula...
  16. JTP

    Arizona takes one step closer to Fascism

    That's what Tecumseh said in 1810! :horse:
  17. JTP

    Arizona takes one step closer to Fascism

    I remember one of our better teachers in High School who had us study some data from the latest Census (must have been 1980) and make predictions for the early years of the 21st century. We came up with: 1. A massive retirement of Baby Boomers 2. A shrinking economy 3. A continued shift from...
  18. JTP

    And these are the people who tell you how to live your lives

    You can get a DUI for sitting or sleeping in a parked car, engine off, with the keys in your pocket. You can expect Texting While Driving to be the new Cash Cow for lawyers as well.
  19. JTP

    My Annual Income Tax Rant

    About to spend most of a Saturday going through the maze. They probably "owe" me approx. $100 or so. I'd be happy if they'd keep it and I went fishing instead. Filing is such a waste of time. They've already got the money, but you must file by law. Got a headache just thinking about it. Let's...
  20. JTP

    Two Million

    There are plenty of native Afghans, and Pakis too-both still living there and ex-pats in other countries, who would be willing to betray the Taliban, Al-Queda, or any other terrorist organization that rears it's ugly head. We could have spies-a-plenty if we just utilized the resource. Naw...