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  1. JennySpalding


    I remember listening to a Tony Robbins audio one time where he made the bold statement that affirmations were a farce. He clearly argued that affirmations were a waste of time. He is right. Do I have your attention? Tony was not saying you should not have powerful statements you use to change...
  2. JennySpalding

    Goal Setting

    I remember listening to one of my motivational tapes and hearing the speaker mention this profound statement. "People overestimate what they can achieve in a month, and grossly underestimate what they can achieve in five years." He was talking about this subject during one of his goal setting...
  3. JennySpalding

    Food Vs. Exercise - Where To Start?

    I think this is an easy one. Start with the exercise. Let me explain my reasoning. If you combine your exercise with some simple affirmations and listening to motivational messages, you start to change your thought patterns. The combination of improving your health and the increase in...
  4. JennySpalding

    Joseph McClendon III or Anthony Robbins?

    I really don't know much about Joseph McClendon III, but Anthony Robbins is a great presenter and more importantly a great teacher. Robbins hates the idea of people calling him a motivational speaker, since that is not his intent. He attempts to teach you skills you can use in your own life to...
  5. JennySpalding

    Drink More Water!

    A long time ago, I read some advice from a nutritionist whose name I have forgotten. She suggested the easiest way to drink enough water was to make sure you drank the five critical times of the day. She suggested drinking 12 ounces of water first thing in the morning, even before you...