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  1. Aunty Em

    The stupids are losing!

    Tell me about it!
  2. Aunty Em

    How's your garden doing?

    I have lots of weeds, erm... wild flowers. I'm never going to be a gardener. Senior school put me off all those years ago when they forced us to weed or dig the school gardens for 2 hours every week and called it botany... :o
  3. Aunty Em

    you still here?

    I turn up like a bad penny now and then. ;)
  4. Aunty Em

    6 years is a long time...

    Prof hangs out on Facebook these days, like me. :D
  5. Aunty Em

    The newest threat to your liberty

    If you refuse or fail a breathalyser over here in the UK you're arrested and taken to a police station for a mandatory blood test. Idiots still DUI. Personally I think anyone who DUIs should lose their licence for a good long time and be required to undergo training and retesting before they...
  6. Aunty Em

    If you need a good laugh

    I seem to remember something similar for Bush... I guess once elected presidents just aren't popular over there...
  7. Aunty Em

    Merry Christmas

    Belated merry christmas and a happy new year.
  8. Aunty Em

    Wimmens in the workplace.

    I think it depends on the child, the circumstances of the death and the support they receive afterwards. Both my parents lost their mothers before they were 13. My father was a loving family man who doted on his wife and children. His family was his life. His mother died of natural causes and...
  9. Aunty Em

    Wimmens in the workplace.

    Sadly that attitude is still very prevelant over here in certain sections of our society - certainly the so-called working and upper class. It's the middle/professional class who appear to be more enlightened.
  10. Aunty Em

    carpet, or tile?

    Tile in my kitchen, cushionfloor in my bathroom (like an insulated linoleum, but more flexible), carpet in my lounge, carpet tiles in my hall, bedroom and office. There is a sisal rug in my kitchen though. I can't stand the idea of an unsanitary, damp, reeking carpet, especially in my bathroom...
  11. Aunty Em

    How much sleep do YOU get?

    6 if I'm lucky.
  12. Aunty Em

    Windows 7

    I'm upgrading my desktop at the end of the month and have a professional copy which I will install then. Most people I speak to prefer over vista.
  13. Aunty Em

    Merry Christmas

    Heh, I missed this one too. LOL
  14. Aunty Em


    Belated Happy New Year. I'm stuck at home cuz of the snow and ice. :(
  15. Aunty Em

    Hallowe'en candy - favs and peeves

    I don't eat sweeties anymore and don't crave it. I prefer raw sugarsnap peas and baby corn.
  16. Aunty Em

    How parental control works

    That's funny! :roll2:
  17. Aunty Em

    Child abuse?

    Like I've said in the past...some would be parents need to attend parenting classes and pass an exam before they're allowed to breed.
  18. Aunty Em

    Lets play word association

  19. Aunty Em

    Lets play word association

  20. Aunty Em

    Lets play word association