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    The stupids are winning

    I did not vote for anyone named "Osama".
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    What's for lunch?

    I almost always bring my lunch to work, and it is almost always leftovers from the night before. I made Mediterranean style vegetable and chickpea phyllo rolls last night. So delicious! I'm bringing 2 of those and some leftover Tex-Mex rice from a few days ago. I have been on a...
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    Fair food

    Beer is my favorite fair food. Just volunteered at Eeyore's Birthday Party (50th). We serve local brewery beer, donated to the event. All proceeds go to local charities.
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    not sure what to make of this one...

    When guns are banned only the criminals will have them, and the general populous will be their sheep to fleece. Beware of what you ask for, Goth. Your government cannot protect you, even if all freedoms are taken away from everyone. It just isn't possible.
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    WTF happened to OTC?

    Oh. Looks like the link is bad again. I'll need to fix that.
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    WTF happened to OTC?

    Them chiggers are doin' just fine doin' what they do. ;-)
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    The stupids are winning

    Oh, sweetheart, if you think The Stupids started winning 4 to 8 years ago then you have a very short memory. Stupid has been in the lead for quite some time. Sara Palin positioned as a VP candidate was totally in-your-face evidence of the pimple coming to a head on that one. That zit was started...
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    WTF happened to OTC?

    I had to create a new account so I transposed the "y" and "r" so it was similar but not the same. I wasn't sure if username was case sensitive. Any admin that wants to get rid of the newly created "Valkryie" account can do so. I have no intention of logging in with that username now that I can...
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    here's something we can all get behind!

    Read the article. Yes, mega-sad! I believe the problem is that there aren't any good paying jobs that can be directly attributed to a degree in History. However, you know the George Santayana quote, "...Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I would highly recommend...
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    WTF happened to OTC?

    Weird. I didn't forget my password. Cap-locks were not on (I checked that too). it just wouldn't take my password. now I can log in as "valkyrie" (the old member) rather than "Valkyrie" (the new member). The avatar is gone, though. Too bad. I don't have that image on my current laptop to upload...
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    Nolite bastardes carborundorum

    I'm not sure of the legitimacy of that article, though the site is edu. But I have a suspicious nature, so don't take offense. The phrase illegitimi non carborundum, which is also another form of this mock-Latin phrase nolite bastardes carborundorum, usually (loosely) translated as "don't let...
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    The real reason for the decline in the polar bear population

    I suspect that the population of polar bears is shifting their hunting territory and this is only noticed by the folks who live there full-time, permanently, and have the opportunity to observe the polar bears on a regular basis. Environmental researchers have notoriously poor budgets to work...
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    Sarah Palin Readies Bus Tour Amid 2012 Speculation

    Agreed. However acknowledging the positive steps toward the economy, environment or freedoms for citizens attributed in any part to the opposing party's incumbent leadership does not serve your own party in an election year. Acknowledgment will never occur and I don't believe it would even if...
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    The Pwnwich™

    Isn't that called a Dagwood sandwich (from that old comic strip).
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    Pound cake

    LOL! I wish you had posted a picture. :laugh3:
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    "Open source" audiobooks

    I haven't listened to any of these yet but might be cool to listen to on a long road trip.
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    a Kiss for ya

    I've heard that one before. You can't please everyone, so just please yourself.
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    Google ads removed

    Love this: "re-reviewing". Is that even a word? Would love to know what "invalid activity" means or why they chose to dump on you, fury.
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    you still here?

    I haven't posted here in quite some time. I come back and I'm reminded of why I left... too much hate and negativity that spills out of TRW forum into places like Lunatic Lounge. Really... so sad what's happened to this place. :(
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    How's your garden doing?

    I saw plans for a hoop house in Mother Earth News. I'm going to try making one this winter to start my spring crops early. The only difference will be that I'll put a shade cover over the top. Most of Mother's articles are for folks who live further north and don't have blistering hot summers...