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  1. Camelyn

    how has the recent economy impacted you?

    We're thinking of selling the dog for some quick cash, or leasing out the children as day-laborers in Mexico.
  2. Camelyn

    Charges unlikely in death of girl, 5

    :shrug: Maybe there are rabid dogs rampant in the town
  3. Camelyn

    tool, rectum, naked, masturbation... check it out.

    I'd hate to be the guy that had to bag the evidence that day...
  4. Camelyn


    Happiestest birfday! :D :cake:
  5. Camelyn

    Finally got sirius about my music

    Jeff got me sirius for valentine's day this year. I love it. On long trips, there is always variety, whether you want to listen to music, news, or comedy.
  6. Camelyn

    Safest - Dangerous cities

    Too busy bustin badguys to submit statistics, no doubt ;)
  7. Camelyn

    Safest - Dangerous cities

    A population of 300,000 and Wichita isn't even on the list... Kansas City, Kansas: 342 Kansas City MO: 356 But thats like 200 miles away.
  8. Camelyn

    Cozy little cottage for sale

    I'll take the land it's on, they can keep the house. 20 acres, right next to a national forest...
  9. Camelyn

    What are men good for

    He is good at being my best friend, the person who can read my mind before I know what it is I am thinking, the person who I am never afraid to say anything to. He also loves my kids even though they aren't his, takes interest in their lives, and asks what they did at school, every single...
  10. Camelyn

    Big-ass vulture 1, my windshield 0

    Well, he does now. On a timeshare, but still boobs is boobs :D
  11. Camelyn

    Bumper Nuts

    I'm just too sheltered....
  12. Camelyn

    Happy Birthday Sam!

    Happy birthday Sam :)
  13. Camelyn

    Bumper Nuts

  14. Camelyn

    Bitch about work thread.

    Math quiz: 18-6= 12?? :eek5:
  15. Camelyn

    Bumper Nuts

    And why, exactly, do you know so much about bumper nuts? Do you have a secret stash you've been keeping from me?
  16. Camelyn

    Bumper Nuts

    I went shopping for halloween costumes for the girls this Saturday. In the parking lot, there was this truck, with what I thought looked an awful lot like bull testicles hanging from the back of it. I thought "how cute....", and dismissed it as a one-time thing. Lo and behold, driving my...
  17. Camelyn

    Osama Bin Laden Featured in GOP TV Ad

    Yeah, Beer. :D
  18. Camelyn

    Osama Bin Laden Featured in GOP TV Ad

  19. Camelyn

    Osama Bin Laden Featured in GOP TV Ad

    If 300,000,000 Americans debated Canadian politics at *any* time, I would look to the west and see if the sun was rising there ;)
  20. Camelyn

    Osama Bin Laden Featured in GOP TV Ad

    Americans don't comment on Canadian politics because they don't *care* about Canadian politics. Do you know who the prime minister of Canada is, how our political system works? Do you care? Probably not. :shrug: You can't criticize or comment on something you don't give a flying poop about ;) In...