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  1. BlurOfSerenity

    Yargh! Somali pirates take 4 more

    i read this yesterday, i don't know how true it is, but it kind of made me go "huh..." In 1991, the government of Somalia - in the Horn of Africa - collapsed. Its 9 million people have been teetering on starvation ever since - and many of the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this...
  2. BlurOfSerenity

    Your toilet, your light bulbs, and now ... your TV?

    fuck the enviromnent, i want my huge tv so i can overstimulate my mind even more!
  3. BlurOfSerenity

    Happy Birthday BlurOfSerenity

    yay! thanks everyone! :swing: :hug: :swing: :hug: !
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    tinkering with my site... AGAIN... can i ask a favor?

    hello all! as you may know, i run a fairly crappy site, that is more an exercise in vanity than anything else, because why the hell do i need a website? and i'm constantly changing things around and rearranging and getting sick of frames so trying something else, then missing the functionality...
  5. BlurOfSerenity

    Newest Spuerhero - SPACE BAT!!!!

    :p but srsly.
  6. BlurOfSerenity

    Newest Spuerhero - SPACE BAT!!!!

    i've had a couple people try to tell me that the "at least the bat died doing what he loved to do" and stuff, and it kind of pisses me off.... because that bat was more than likely completely terrified out of his little bat-mind, and i just can't see this for anything other than a very sad event...
  7. BlurOfSerenity

    Newest Spuerhero - SPACE BAT!!!!

    yeah! i love sitting outside on nice nights and just batwatching! they're like, "over here... nope, whassat over there! *spazzes over to the left* SO KYOOT.
  8. BlurOfSerenity

    Newest Spuerhero - SPACE BAT!!!!

    poor widdle bat-bat :(
  9. BlurOfSerenity

    Help for 9 yr old rape victim reaps excommunication

    i didn't see anything about this already, so sorry if it's already been posted... but the stepfather has not been excommunicated, because raping a child is not as bad as aborting the fetuses that'll kill ya!
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    i still have to do mine :( i don't know to even think i did, this year!
  11. BlurOfSerenity

    Gaping hole costume

    hahah, that's really creative!
  12. BlurOfSerenity

    Help for 9 yr old rape victim reaps excommunication

    holy shit. what i love best is this part: "The Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, told Brazil's TV Globo that the law of God was above any human law." there you go, sweetie. god got you raped and pregnant with twins that would rupture your uterus and kill you. all part...
  13. BlurOfSerenity

    Finally some important news

    but it's so much easier to do tea cheaply, i find.
  14. BlurOfSerenity

    Finally some important news

    ahh, the joys of being a tea drinker :)
  15. BlurOfSerenity

    Miss Brahms has passed from among us

    :( i loved her as miss brahms :(
  16. BlurOfSerenity

    Clouds over Mt. Rainier

    i would just fall on the ground if i ever saw that. which is what i said about irridescent clouds before i ever saw them, but when i did, i just freaked out and took lots of pictures, lol. yay clouds!
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    ps: *points at her av* :)
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    i read the book, which is by neil gaiman, last year and LOVED it, so much that i a) actually finished it (no small feat, these days), and b) cried when it was over, because i was sad there wasn't any more :( from the second i found out there was going to be a movie, i became very excited. and i...
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    Who the hell picks the banner ads here?

    rJ - that's the one i'm getting, too!
  20. BlurOfSerenity

    PETA: Sea Kittens

    i never even understood the appeal of lakes for swimming. they're wet... that's about it. full of hidden danger, otherwise.