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  1. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    Given that it's so close to his birthday, I decided to break out the calculator. I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know I'm sharing such info with the vast Internet community. :p Thanks! :bgtup: As for the Jersey thing...meh, it's livable. Actually, more than livable. (I think I prefer...
  2. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    You're sweet, BoP. But I took that photo four years ago. This one is more recent. :p
  3. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    Thanks, Luis! Wow, Greenie, you got some kind of spycam trained on me or something? :eek: I do, in fact, go food shopping in the hubby's old Chevy Blazer. At Wegman's, to be exact, the most wonderful supermarket on earth. Puts Fresh Direct to shame. We spent around $500 there this week...
  4. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    His name is Howard. He's 51.96 years old (I'm -- ugh -- 38.5), and a corporate travel manager. He actually used to be my boss at the old record company. We started dating when he and his wife split a couple of years back, and have been happily together ever since. And, yes, while he isn't...
  5. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    Hey, thanks guys! No pictures, I'm afraid. (Or am I pleased?) We planned it maybe a month in advance, just to get it done as quickly and painlessly (read: cheaply) as possible. No guests, not even my folks, no wedding gown (I almost wore a NY Yankees t-shirt) and no reception, just the two...
  6. abooja

    Sup OTC. Can I get some updates?

    I did! (Remember me?)
  7. abooja


    Hehe, no. :lol2: He (Bill) seems to be recovering well (after a small scare the other day) according to his wife and daughter, who are keeping me informed. I just ordered a flower basket with a little teddy bear and balloon to clutter his room with. Do flowers actually grow in Alaska...
  8. abooja


    :cool: Not too bad, but I haven't been paying a helluva lot of attention. Your boy, Junior, did finish third on Sunday, however. :lloyd: Oh, and did you know that Alaska had triple bypass surgery the other day? He's doing okay.
  9. abooja


    I remember when the bus/subway was $.50 and a slice of pizza around the same. I'm old. :mope:
  10. abooja

    Green Tea

    How can this possibly be true? :alienhuh:
  11. abooja


    I love the Internet. :lloyd:
  12. abooja

    SnP and AllEars' won't be around much for awhile

    Pyrex is made by Corning. I should know. I visited the Museum of Glass last summer. :nerd:
  13. abooja

    Green Tea

    Sounds about right. :sick3:
  14. abooja

    Evil will always prevail,

  15. abooja

    Hamlet agonises over...

    Very amusing stuff there. :D
  16. abooja

    My head hurts

    I used to do that when I was a kid. I'd either stare at the stars in the sky or the pattern in my ugly orange plush bedroom rug, try to contemplate infinity, then freak out and have to think of something else.
  17. abooja

    One for SnP

    Is it of a mushroom?
  18. abooja

    Inner geek?

    19.32939% - Geek
  19. abooja

    What are you listening to right now?

    Space Oddity -- David Bowie