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  1. chcr

    Former CIA Blows Lid Off Libya Fraud Live On CNN

    Nope. Bread and circuses.
  2. chcr

    sarah palin, valiant hunter

    Re: Sarah Palin bane of the left since 2008 You mean udder fabrication. That's something else altogether.
  3. chcr

    sarah palin, valiant hunter

    *sigh* It was really quite clear to anyone who understands hunting (and, of course, cares to be honest about it) that she really doesn't. Then again, anyone who was being honest with themselves has recognized all along that the persona her handlers try to present is an utter fabrication. I want...
  4. chcr

    Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' already outpacing Glenn Beck's rally

    Heh. Glenn Beck is marginally less sane than Kim Jong-il. Pretty indicative of the state of the nation that the national narrative is being carried on by two comedians with fake news shows, isn't it? Of course this raises the question of whether there are any real American news shows.
  5. chcr


    It is nice to know that anytime I might start to believe that the teabaggers don't have their roots firmly entrenched in racist bullshit, all I have to do is visit good old OTC. Only problem with that is that it hasn't.
  6. chcr

    Ahmadinejad is a Truther!

    You're giving them way too much credit. Not to mention insulting morons everywhere.
  7. chcr

    Vote time

    Fixed it for you.
  8. chcr

    Prop 19: Marijuana Legalization Gets its Number in California

    Ain't Nobody's Business... An illuminating read. I recommend it. Actually, driving is a skill. Unfortunately, said skill is not required to get a license to operate a motor vehicle.
  9. chcr

    So hey, anyone object to unbanning me?

    Is that better than you've done before?
  10. chcr

    Avatar the movie

    I thought it was stupid and in no way lived up to the hype. Yes, I saw it in IMAX. Six tons of eye candy can't make up for an inane and utterly predictable storyline.
  11. chcr

    bad car luck

    Re: Z Oh 6 Jesus H., obsess much? If you took your head out once in a while you'd get more oxygen to your brain. Well, if you were interested in such a thing. Triple black with rally wheels? I like the '67 best.
  12. chcr

    Need a new car

    Have you considered leasing? I don't know all the ins and outs of tax law but if you use it for business I think it probably ends up costing you very little. It's important to remember that you have to take extra special care of a lease car or end up paying a big bill at the end of the lease...
  13. chcr

    We will control what you see. We will control what you hear. We will control you.

    ...and he's a Kenyan Arab with no birth certificate.
  14. chcr

    Arizona bill 1070

    I'd like to say "and so it begins" but it honestly began a long time ago. Freedom isn't lost or stolen, it's thrown away by the very sheeple who purport to want to be free. Seems to me a pretty insignificant step from here to highway checkpoints where anyone traveling will be required to show...
  15. chcr

    Best Linux version?

    Too much trouble to type apt-get install [whatever] in a command prompt window? Hell, half the time it even finishes the package name for you. Keep playing with it. It only gets easier. Don't be afraid to check out the various fora and "how-to" repositories. "How-tos" are your friend and if...
  16. chcr

    Ron Paul discusses National ID card plan

    Stop confusing the diatribe with facts Bish. You know it only leads to confusion. Meh, I wouldn't do her with your dick.
  17. chcr

    Obama and the Patriot Act: “Yes We Can” Kill the Bill of Rights

    You mean we elected a "different" politician from a "different" party and nothing really changed. GASP!!!!! Whoda thunk that.
  18. chcr

    Only 8% of Americans Want the Current Members of Congress Re-Elected

    Re: Americans no longer have the guts to do what it takes. Sadly, not everyone agrees what the "right thing" is and the "with us or against us" mentality currently prevalent on every side obviates the possibility of compromise. Without compromise a democratic republic cannot possibly function...