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  1. pc_builder

    Guess the Movie

    Meh, I'll do an easy one... "We're done with you. Go back to the golf course and work on your putz."
  2. pc_builder

    Guess the Movie

    Hey, no one guessed Gato's movie, for which I guess, Black Knight
  3. pc_builder

    Osama Bin Laden dead

    When Osama bin Laden died, he was met at the pearly gates by George Washington, who slapped him across the face and yelled: "How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!" Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted: "You wanted to end our liberties but you...
  4. pc_builder

    apologize, but it is very informative

    Do the chickens have sharp talons? [/Napoleon Dynamite]
  5. pc_builder

    6 years is a long time...

    That's where I've been, lately. Damn addictive facebook games. (Backyard Monsters) :silly:
  6. pc_builder

    6 years is a long time...

    That's probably what I miss the most, and why I haven't been around lately. :(
  7. pc_builder

    you still here?

    Only when I remember. Like tonight. :beerbang: Damn I miss these smilies.
  8. pc_builder

    My mom is thinking of switching isp's

    I did mean 32kb :P But they managed to get it sorted out with customer support. I had no idea that unplugging the modem, and then reversing the phone line cable, would have any effect whatsoever, but that's what customer support told them to do. Either way, their connection looks much better now.
  9. pc_builder

    My mom is thinking of switching isp's

    There's a ps3 and two computers in this house right now. She's had internet service with a wireless provider for awhile now. One computer is connected solely to that modem. Her boyfriend decided to get a directv/qwest dsl combo package. Turns out they have no clear view to set up directv. But...
  10. pc_builder

    My mom is thinking of switching isp's

    Ah yes, it must really have been a dns error. both the ps3 and other computer seem to be able to connect through the qwest modem at the same time now.
  11. pc_builder

    My mom is thinking of switching isp's

    Problem is, she would be switching to qwest. Both are hooked up in the house right now, and I ran some speed tests on the qwest dsl connection. I've never seen such low upload speed before. It's 32kb. And logging in to the modem shows that it's upstream rate is only 32kb under modem status. My...
  12. pc_builder

    World Cup: it's time again!

    I haven't been watching it. But just curious, is America still in?
  13. pc_builder

    Got a new job.

    Congrats, Dave. :bgtup:
  14. pc_builder

    Vote time

    I voted for it to stay. I usually don't go in there, when I am here anyway. But once in awhile, I peek. :D
  15. pc_builder

    March Madness

    What's March Madness in terms of tv? I didn't know it was a thing to watch.
  16. pc_builder

    Still hot, or not?

    I was going to throw in Pia Zadora, but then, I don't want to scour the interwebs trying to figure out what year any Bernadette Peters photo comes from.
  17. pc_builder

    Avatar the movie

    I don't know why everyone's so upset over the story. Look at any movie today. Everything's been done to death. There's nothing new anymore. Although it does get to look prettier and prettier as technology advances. I do, however, still watch movies in the hope I'll see something new. But I've...
  18. pc_builder

    Building a Home Theater PC

    Ok a friend wants me to build a pc for him that he can use in his home theater. Blu-Ray, DVR, hdmi out functionality. I know what I'm going to need to build it, except the case. He wants it to fit into a space on an entertainment center that is only 4.5" high. The space is wide enough and...
  19. pc_builder

    To back up your computer

    You could always try a Drobo I've never tried them, but Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV always talks about them. (you know, sponsorship deals and what not)
  20. pc_builder

    Is it bad

    I usually just use a can of air or to spray it out. If my keyboard ever got any kind of "gunk" on it, though, I guess I'd try to use some wipes of some kind, or a paper towel and water... carefully. :D