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    whihc setting in IE/ZA Pro disable adds in HWC?

    its version 3.0.134 all adds are gone in HWC! the lastest version is CRAP! for me anyways...thak God I had saved a copy of the previous update
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    whihc setting in IE/ZA Pro disable adds in HWC?

    I updated recently to the newest version of ZA Pro and now those GINORMOUS adds in HWC are back! I remember that I had the settings in ZA and IE 6 taht eliminated those nasty adds. thanks for the help! IE 6 SP1 WinXP Pro SP1
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    AutoLock Pro or The Club...which is better?

    need to get a steering wheel lock, my insurance program/plan recently required it. I'm not getting an electronic alarm so that suggestion is out of the question. which is better (to those familiar with the products mentioned)...the AutoLock Pro or The Club? thanks!
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    Cereal is GOD

    Blueberry Waffelos (sp?) when they were still making that stuff was addicting!
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    A walk down HWC lane... memorable quotes from AER

    i can't believe eagl was actually taking seriously what AER was saying...i think... anyways...hilarious thread!!!! shit now..i really miss OT. i mean between AER and his brilliant stupidity, and the more insightful debates with Ponch, Gate_Solo and the really was worth...
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    Nalani´s graduating tonight

    i remember my College graduation night...I was inside a liquor store with a friend of mine from another school...drinking....during the graduation ceremonies....don't ask why...
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    the first time I saw the pictures.....MuFu had some sort of "thing" in his mouth....honestly, I thought he was one of those quadriplegic kids that uses a stick device to press the keys on the keyboard. ...and I said to myself...hmmm..that's why he posts so much, poor kid can't get out of his...
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    2divine4u...hmm...looks like someone i watched in a know..."that" kind of movie. :D
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    which member has left HWC do you miss most?

    yeah TNT was cool. Jeffy was always an interesting read too...specially his catfights with Mole. I miss the OT forum! :(
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    which member has left HWC do you miss most?

    those guys early on at CCO who new a shitload about watercooling and Pelts were cool and I really learned a lot from them, but they became "cliquish" after a while. went to the site they put up, but felt like a total noob. S_Klass always gave really good advice backed up with links. then...
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    HWC Gallery Deathmatch: who wins a no-holds barred fight?

    my bet is on OmiCRon777. he's already bloodied in the mouth but seems like he's enjoying the taste of it! :D some of the pictures are hilarious.... seriouslly though, I never would have imagined some of the members looked the way they really did.