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  1. Sawhney89

    Cancer cure patented

    Great...We will have to fall to the mercy of Canadians... Oh, what has our world come to?
  2. Sawhney89

    Got me a new TV! Woo hoo!

    Congrats on the nice TV
  3. Sawhney89

    When will Altron pop the question

    August 2nd 2012 *over the work phone*
  4. Sawhney89


    According to my mom, you will be fine if you use regular cooking oil. However, she did mention that if you have a local “Indian” store in the area, you can get prepared Saag in a can which tastes "excellent."
  5. Sawhney89

    Oh, how silly.

    I guess he gets ID'ed at the club... :beardbng:
  6. Sawhney89


    WHAT! Your Gay? That's all I took from your 100x posts about life. (which we all knew from your 10000x shouts)
  7. Sawhney89

    Contest winners in da house?

    Won "Virtual Stuido" at a Microsoft conference two years ago
  8. Sawhney89

    xmas season slowdown

    Altron is to busy trying to talk to his "girl."
  9. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    I completely dig the pocket watches... :beardbng:
  10. Sawhney89

    Thank You for Smoking

    I disagree. Politicians "spin the truth," to use a line from the movie. If we did not have politicians I highly doubt that citizens would take it on their own part to read court decisions and update themselves on events. Rather politicians keep up to date for us and make the appropriate...
  11. Sawhney89

    Sits back, lights a cigar.

    For Al getting near a girl is not really "[a] prime motivation for him." Kidding.
  12. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    Except when people joke around with you, you become defensive and turn it around and explain how "dressing nicely is not gay." You always turn it around and defend yourself.
  13. Sawhney89

    Thank You for Smoking

    Just Watched It. Amazing Movie. Amazing Plot. Amazing Acting. Excellent Movie. Highly recommend it to anyone in search for a movie to watch. A great comedy.
  14. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    Al, when your hanging with friends @ 10PM you do not need to tuck in a shirt, wear nice dress pants, comb your hair, and wear proper shoes... especially when you are coming straight from home.. dude, you are def. metro. you wear a blazer, dress pants, and shoes everyday to school.. but there is...
  15. Sawhney89

    love is in the air

  16. Sawhney89

    Front, back or side.

    Our two back doors never open unless we are having a BBQ and 90% of the time, my family and I go through the garage on a daily basis.
  17. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    You might end up ruining your friendship with the 18 yr old in the process...
  18. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    I only miss.. Lunch Advance Marketing (joke class... teacher does not care... 6 kids in the class.. we talk the entire time) Journalism II (this is a class reserved for only newspaper kids... If you do not want to do the work at home you do it then, in class..) I do not really miss...
  19. Sawhney89

    Bitch about work thread.

    I get tired.
  20. Sawhney89


    Spike.... your an asshole.. but this thread is rather amusing... Hopefully this will spur things up some more... Enjoy =D