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  1. Professur

    And a happy new year....

    Happy new year everyone ... where ever you are
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    Don't cucumber cleanse Like this is anything new.
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    Star Trek Discovery

    Thoughts? I'm hearing that it's 'Innovative, edgy and follows Star Trek's core of social activism' to 'It's flat out SJW' Opinions? Personally, I can't watch it ... the filming style is so awful it hurts the eyes.
  4. Professur

    Remember Trudeau welcoming all those 'New Canadians' ....

    Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta will soon be able to learn Arabic in the classroom. The government announced Saturday night that an Arabic school curriculum will be available for schools to access in fall 2018. The program will be based on an existing Edmonton Public Schools...
  5. Professur

    Car troubles

    Where to begin. Blew out the brake lines on the Parisienne, V2.0's accident appears to have morphed into a misfire issue on the left 2 cylinders, and last night the Olds may have thrown a show. Pulling into the street I felt an uncomfortable lurch and suddenly the car drove like it weighted...
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    Well that was annoying.

    This morning I had to take my son to school. The wipers have been acting up on the old Olds, so I borrowed my mother's Civic. It's been snowing and the main road I'd have to take is a slushy mess and good wipers a must. On my way back from dropping him off ... blue and red lights in the mirror...
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    And you thought Ryan Air packed their passengers in tight They pack the planes in tight too.
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    He's how old?

    New trivia thread. Who's older. Who's older .. Noah, or Yoda?
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    the Anti-Facebook. Anyone going to give this a try?
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    Proud Daddy?

    Just a little. I just got a call from V2.0. She needed someone to talk to after first responding a car accident where she had to do CPR for 20 minutes. Guy came back around as the ambulance and cops were arriving.
  11. Professur

    The garbage police are on the job...

    source Will they be issuing the garbage men badges too?
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    Not sure whether to post this here or in Entertainment ...

    and they just keep coming .... Yeah .. that reporter is a prick source
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    And she's once, twice, three times a lady and it starts.
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    OTC/JJR/Catocom 2015 BBQ Thread

    Who's up for it?
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    Jail time for watching animated child porn

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    Bang ... Zoom ...

    To Mars. Another 2 space probes arriving at mars. Kinda stupid if you ask me. We've nothing to learn from mars. Send them to Venus. Same sized planet, hellatious climate issues. And half as far away. Seems obvious to me.
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    Thought for the day

    Who scoops after a seeing eye dog?
  18. Professur

    Knives and Bombs ... Thank Gawd they didn't have guns, eh? That would have been terrible.
  19. Professur

    When you're innocent, you've nothing to fear?

    Tell her that. source
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    We've all got a little baboon in us