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  1. rrfield

    Christmas present for the ladies

    sure to make her smile!
  2. rrfield

    Dirty bombs in NFL stadiums? This would really fuck up my fantasy football team.
  3. rrfield

    Candidate touts sex with Packers in campaign Now, this woman is a republican, but that's not why I posted it. I kinda hate the Packers. A lot (though I kinda feel sorry for Favre right now). I put this in "entertainment" to attempt to avoid any political overtones ;)
  4. rrfield

    Man Apologizes for Courtroom Feces Wow, I wish there were more details...
  5. rrfield

    long lost brother

    O Brother, Where Art Thou? Oh wait, there you are... Imagine having a twin brother you never knew existed. Growing up without him, it would maybe feel like a part of you was missing. Well, what if it turned out you were carrying that missing part with you all along … in your own stomach...
  6. rrfield

    For Sale: TiVo 40 hour DVR w/ lifetime subscription

    This is kosher, right? Read the sticky...delete this if necessary. I have a Series 2 TiVo, 40 hour, with lifetime subscription ($300) that I don't need anymore. My new cable service comes with a DVR, so I'm going to sell the TiVo and buy a surround sound receiver. :thumbup: I actually like...
  7. rrfield

    more googlisns

    EDIT: NOT SUITIBLE FOR WORK, CHILDREN, NORMAL HUMANS (winky, this doesnt mean you) step 1. step 2. type santorum step 3. click "I'm Feeling Lucky" step 4. be slightly disgusted
  8. rrfield

    Pat Robertson - strongest man alive!
  9. rrfield

    NFL Draft Time!

    Is anyone else looking forward to the draft? I am, but I'm certainly an NFL rube so go figure. Here's my predicted top 10. 1. HOU - Reggie Bush 2. NO - D'Brickashaw Fegurson 3. TEN - Matt Leinart 4. NYJ - Mario Williams 5. GB - Vernon Davis 6. SF - AJ Hawk 7. OAK - Vince...
  10. rrfield

    No more DeLays, he's out.

    link What the hell did they do to deserve a republican???
  11. rrfield

    How to ruin a bear skin rug

    Click for source - unless you are Gonz
  12. rrfield

    Interstate 69

    I was looking up info on the proposed extension of I-69 from Indianapolis to Evansville, which as proposed will be constructed about 1/2 mile from my house, and ran into this... link :rofl2:
  13. rrfield

    Bye bye Edgerrin! Can't say I'm sad for the Colts, they dug their own grave here. Peyton, Marvin and Reggie Wayne have contracts that total over $170 million and they didn't leave enough room to sign the best overall RB in the NFL. Idiots.
  14. rrfield

    Yellowstone hotels?

    So my fiance and I decided to go to Yellowstone for our honeymoon, early September. We aren't fancy people by any means, but the little lady doesn't want to camp, she would prefer a hotel. We were thinking of staying outside the park, possibly in West Yellowstone. All the reviews I've read on...
  15. rrfield

    Troops want to go home

    Well duh they want to go home, I know my brother couldn't wait to get back, no big story there...however this caught my eye... Link
  16. rrfield

    Bush vows to veto congressional stop to port deal
  17. rrfield

    Cheney takes hunting lessons from Bob Knight

  18. rrfield

    Ex-FEMA chief faults Homeland for slow response
  19. rrfield

    Going postal, again

    Link :gun2:
  20. rrfield

    Vikings new coach... Major Dad!