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    Fort Hood shot up

    full story here
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    Mexico is about to be rickrolled

    Dangerous Hurricane Rick still growing off Mexico coast
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    Oh no! Al Sharpton doesn't want Rush to buy the Rams!

    Source And just what exactly is the real issue with Rush Limbaugh being a big part of a group that wants to buy the St. Louis Rams?
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    Disagree with Obama, get branded a racist

    Hank Johnson (D-Georgia): Joe Wilson's outburst's logical conclusion is men in white hoods and sheets riding through the countryside Jimmy Carter: Joe Wilson's comments are "based on racism" Maureen Dowd: "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it." Bill...
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    GM's new ad push

    Read about it here. The CEO will say how he was skeptical of GM too before he joined the company and they'll offer a two-month money-back guarantee. They'll also copy Lee Iacocca's "If you can find a better car, buy it" ad campaign. Here's the thing, though. People aren't buying GM, but it's...
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    Your federal stimulus dollars at work: a tutorial

    While driving from San Luis Obispo to Clovis to cover a high school football game for the paper, I traveled over a section of Highway 41 that I have driven hundreds of times. There is a repaving project on that road right now, with signs on either road saying it's a project funded by the...
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    Mopar bankruptcy

    Reading material Seems like a huge, huge risk for Obama. The Chrysler bankruptcy could turn out very good, or very bad... and if it turns out very bad, that's going to piss off a lot of union labor. Organized labor has been a big part of the Democratic party base. If forcing the company into...
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    If you can get past this being an "opinion piece"...

    ...then there's some real food for thought here. Obama took the time to visit some school kids in California that posted youtube videos in order to let them know he's "listening," yet he was just a couple hours' drive away from some of the poorest, hardest-hit areas in the entire nation. We're...
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    Something that really irks me about statistics

    Mississippi passes New Mexico for highest teen birth rate in 2006 Here's what really pisses me off about this. The teen birth rate is tracked at births per 1000 for girls ages 15 through 19. Now, it seems to me that a pregnant 19-year-old woman, who is legally old enough to vote, get married...
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    Happy Holidays!

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    Know what commercial I miss?

    This one.
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    Most awesome thing ever

    In Visalia, Calif., the Republican and Democratic headquarters are right next door to each other. Where? the corner of Lovers Lane and Noble Avenue. Isn't that the greatest thing ever?
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    Little rant

    2/3 of the internet is dead to me right now. I can get to this site. I can't get to Catocom's. I can get to myspace; can't get to facebook. Can't get to my local daily paper or to craigslist. ESPN is OK. I can use Yahoo messenger but not AIM. And so on. :mad4:
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    Lesbian couple files for divorce

    Full story here Just posting an article is all...
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    Honda FCX Clarity In short: An electric car with the electricity generated by a hydrogen fuel cell. It has a range of about 270 miles and can be refilled in a few minutes. It has a top speed of about 100 miles an hour. The only emissions from the car are water and a bit...
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    New favorite commercial

    It's full of win and awesome
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    Does this one remind you of me?

    Cyanide & Happiness @ :D
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    Just how poor is poor?

    My local daily paper is running a series of articles on poverty in the county. Today's story on a family of almost four is rather interesting. I say "almost four" because the wife is seven months pregnant. I'll post this sidebar from the story. Let me know what you think. I should also...