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  1. ekahs retsam

    What SHOULD you be doing?

    i should be updating product names on the web servers.... but that can wait!
  2. ekahs retsam

    how has sesame street changed your life?

    Snuffaluffagus and Oscar were my favorites!!! Oh and the Count!!! i loved that show.... Barney and Teletubbies can suck it!!! brought to you by the number 5 and the letter V!!!
  3. ekahs retsam

    Poll: 1/3 of Youths Can't Find La. on Map

    ok, they aren’t children but the attention span isn't all that different really.
  4. ekahs retsam

    Poll: 1/3 of Youths Can't Find La. on Map

    Has anyone stopped to think the findings might be flawed. Children are notoriously difficult to survey because they don't care and have no attention span. I was surveyed all the time when I was in middle school, as was everyone else in my class. I would make smile faces or patterns on the dot...
  5. ekahs retsam

    The prof. deathclock

    way to go! :erm: now go outside and get some sunshine
  6. ekahs retsam

    youtube thread

    funny.... in a sad kind of a way :D
  7. ekahs retsam

    Mexico decriminalizes pot and cocaine

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Luis G again.
  8. ekahs retsam

    Critics and criticism...

    Well it is well known that Rumsfeld's approval of sending small tactual units in rather then sending a much larger force has been met with considerable resistance by upper brass who preferred sending in a far more vast deployment of soldiers. It is of little surprise that this combined with a...
  9. ekahs retsam

    Trekkies to enjoy 11th Star Trek film

    There is an interesting biography of Shatner. He was present in a meeting between Rick Berman and several writers just after DS9 concluded. They were trying to figure out why DS9 didn't pull the same amount of people to the show. The only reason they could think of was that it was "to dark" so...
  10. ekahs retsam

    Shirley Phelps-Roper

    I've met her father, he lives in Kansas. He makes her look like a saint...
  11. ekahs retsam

    What do you discover in the wee hours?

    Though I prefer the cool underside of my pillow. Florescent lights at 3am are also strangely comforting. It is as if the powers that be all came together to create such magnificent objects that hum, blink, and produce such an unnaturally white light which floods everything. They remind me that...
  12. ekahs retsam

    The 9/11 Conspiracy At The Pentagon

    that is interesting because i distinctly remember several reporters interviewing people shortly after who claimed they saw a missile not a plane. (i'll try and find some of those) The reason i remember this is because i was a Western Civ class at the time and we discussed who and how someone...
  13. ekahs retsam

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Flaming Lips - Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  14. ekahs retsam

    Trekkies to enjoy 11th Star Trek film

    me too, the last half of the series was awsome...
  15. ekahs retsam

    Katrina's other shoe drops

    I was listening to this interesting story on NPR about the memoirs of the city coroner. He was talking about how deaths do to murder may be as high as 15% of all those who died. Some people just look for an opportunity… :crap:
  16. ekahs retsam

    Bad Food

    i liked the ones with hotdogs, but i can't seem to find that kind anymore... :(
  17. ekahs retsam

    Lets play word association

  18. ekahs retsam

    Trekkies to enjoy 11th Star Trek film

    I really enjoyed Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country (my personal favorite), Generations, and First Contact... (II, VI, VII, VIII) I hated the last two movies with a passion...
  19. ekahs retsam

    Vacation 2006 plans

    The US sells the majority of naturally produced oil to other countries. Many of the contracts owned by the US related to OPEC produced oil requires that we can not resell it. So the majority of the locally produced oil is sold for over triple the price the US can buy it for. However, Japan has a...
  20. ekahs retsam

    meet my 4 friends

    i've never had green label, hmmmmm personally, it is a tie between black and gold for me. unless of course blue is around there somewhere too. :grinyes: