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  1. ekahs retsam

    Old war plans

    We have always been joking about the US needing oil more than it needs a northern neighbor. But what if it really did happen? Well it seems both sides already had a plan for many years.
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    What OS are you For those of you that thought this was a thread about what OS you use, to bad!!! :finger:
  3. ekahs retsam

    It's all about perspective A view of the total solar eclipse as seen from The International Space Station!
  4. ekahs retsam

    clones and bacon "A group of university researchers said yesterday that they had created what sounds like a nutritional holy grail: cloned pigs that make their own omega-3 fatty acids, potentially...
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    persistent sexual arousal syndrome "LONDON (Reuters) - Doctors called on Friday for more research into a very rare, poorly understood syndrome that is the opposite of the most common sexual complaint...
  6. ekahs retsam

    faith-based prison? "SAN ANGELO, Texas -- Tom Green County commissioners gave extra preparation time Saturday to a group proposing a faith-based prison in San Angelo."
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    visual US budget WARNING: this is a massive image and may take a while with dial up here is a smaller version
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    Finally, some good news!! Beer can make you smarter, fight cancer, help prevent heart disease, and help ugly people get laid. What on Earth could be better? :toast:
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    30 foot mud wall

    "An elementary school with 246 students and seven teachers was covered by the mud. One policeman watched helplessly as the school housing his wife and four children was submerged "in seconds," Lerias said"...
  10. ekahs retsam

    Video game censorship

    "Violent media and video games are the largest single threat to modern civilization." Aside from disease, war, famine, and political corruption (aka the bush administration),2101,69851,00.html
  11. ekahs retsam

    Gas above $0.25 gallon, time to riot!!!! From 0.25 - to 0.28, whatever will they do!!!!