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  1. Winky

    In the Obamanation

    It's Easier To Get Into Harvard Than To Get A Job At Walmart
  2. Winky

    Move along, nothing to see here

    niggahs gonna nig the kid glove coverage I prefer this
  3. Winky

    25 reasons to hate Liberals

    23) Because liberals are unable to ever admit they're wrong, they systematically ruin and destroy everything they become involved with
  4. Winky

    not persecuted just prosecuted

    Minx when are you gonna wake the fuc up?
  5. Winky

    close GITMO?

    What cha gonna do Barry? Turn em all loose or execute them all
  6. Winky

    October 3, 2012

    The Night Liberalism Died
  7. Winky

    Live it Love it

    Why Free Enterprise is Great
  8. Winky

    Winky solves the energy problem read this to get everyone on the same page before I start
  9. Winky

    Tyrone, Trayvon both look like Obama

    Funny I bet you'd have to go to the UK to read about this
  10. Winky

    a buck twenty five a gallon gasoline

    do away with the DOE today
  11. Winky

    Crack is wack

  12. Winky


    why they suck
  13. Winky

    What Leftism Does to People

    either a slave or a criminal
  14. Winky

    what's next what's next what's next?

    moar Moosie out reach?
  15. Winky

    Obama Argues With Himself?

    click this link is this real?
  16. Winky

    audio book is playing on my mp3 player

  17. Winky

    Trust me

    "you're no Republican"
  18. Winky

    Another reason to send em to private school

    Mandatory Arabic language classes: Arabic the "language of the future" Everyone knows there's no future for the English speaking peoples? Islamic indoctrination for your grade schoolers
  19. Winky

    Cashin' in on dead babies

    How could it be murder?
  20. Winky

    In a world...

    Imagine if Jan 1 the Feds got completely out of our way.