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    Need Some Help - DVD Ripping

    Hi People. :) It's been a while and although I know these are the off-topic forums, I need some help from some of you technically savvy people. Of course, I tried HWC first but I my post was ignored. So, down to buisness: I just got myself a very spacious WD ShareSpace NAS and a WDTV Live...
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    Star Wars & Star Trek

    Finally saw both movies... The latest Star Trek and latest Star Wars! Star Trek by far is a better movie. :)
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    101 Things About Me Now™

    I really enjoyed drafting out the last one so here I go again, nearly 5 years after the first. :) 1. I had idle time in the office today so I decided to look into OTC. It's been a while. 2. I now work in the only publicly listed internet company in the country and am one of the top ten...
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    I Just Got Back From The Best Holiday, EVER!

    You guys have got to go to: 8°46'19.74"S 115°13'24.69"E Pictures to follow... I have to edit it out all of the nudity of my beautiful NYC girlfriend who pulled me away from work and brought me on this wonderful holiday. :)
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    Look at what my son just got into... :) I'm very happy. :)
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    Everyone Has To Update Their Pictures In The Gallery - SERIOUSLY!

    I think we all have to update our pictures. It's been at least two years and the quality of all our pictures aren't all that good. Now that we probably have better digital cameras and a sense of how to get a good picture, we should update it. Whatcha guys tink? :)
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    Picture Story Of My Recent Passed

    So, this is what's happened in the last couple of years: Ina and I broke up about 3.5 years ago. Our son, Mano is now 4.5 years old and is growing up fast. We just discovered that he loves bowling (6 lbs.). He loves the computer and has his own little laptop...
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    I Scared Myself To Death Last Week

    Two and half years ago, I joined a 24 hour gokart race (cute huh) and in the process, slipped a disc on my neck (C6) which caused numbing of my entire left arm and therefore I couldn't ride motorcycles until it healed. So, I sold all my motorcycles but one and left it in the Aprilia showroom...
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    Wow! I Haven't Been Here In A While

    Check it out: Welcome, Toolbox™. You last visited: 11/07/06 at 11:26am Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 2. How is everyone? Hello from Manila, Philippines. I moved back here from Europe a while back. Cheers one and all. :)
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    My Boat Sank

    Did any of you hear about a tropical typhoon that hit the Philippines 15 days ago? Well, the winds took my boat down and now, its in the bottom of the ocean somewhere. :( I guess the next time I see it, it'll be with Scuba gear on and a pretty place for coral life attch itself to. :)
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    I'm Selling My House And Need A Newer, Much Smaller One

    Just wanted to let all of you know that I'm moving about 30 kilometers South of where I live right now. I applied for a job down there and am hoping I get it. For the first time in my life, I am going for something I want to do instead of staying where I'm bored, tired but get a better...
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    Hello Everyone...

    Wow! I haven't been here in a while. How are you all? Have a nice day and I promise to stop by more often again. :)
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    101 Things I've Noticed About Luxembourg

    Just had to type this out and let you all know what its like: 1. It's been averaging 10ºC here and I love the cold. 2. It's true... you don't have to shower everyday but I still do! 3. If you jump in front of a car, the drivers slam ob the brakes and let you go by without complaining...
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    Just Testing My vB Code

    Please ignore unless you like looking at pictures:
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    I Love The Cold!

    Can you tell? :)
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    Did I Tell You Guys...

    I completely forgot to tell you guys over here at OTC... I'm moving to Europe. I've got a pretty good job offer in Luxembourg and it would be stupid of me not to take it. My contract is for a couple of months but if I likt it there... I think I'll move permanently. So to those in...
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    Need Help - Everyone Register And Post Anything

    Post anything as long as it doesn't involve sex or violence: It's to test the system. :) ------------------- Hi Guys. I've been working on another site and I've just installed vBulletin but have been having some problems posting. In vBulletin, you can set a minimum number of...
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    Can You Guys Help Me Name A Robot

    Hi Guys... I just launched a new product here in the Philippines and I have this dancing robot as a Mascott! He needs a name and every time I think of something, I draw a complete blank. Can you all help me with suggestions? The robot is pictured below and the website to see him do his...
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    Where Do You Put Computer Related Threads?

    Because I wan to post this: -------------------------- Finally... After one week of slowing building my own wiring harness for my computer, I'm done. What I used to do is custom build my power supplies so that the wires were the exact length I needed them to be but have since decided to...
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    A Second Look - Lifstyle Channel

    Hi Everyone... I was flipping through the TV today and I came across a TV Show called A Second Look on the Lifestyle Channel. It's about women who are given a second chance at life. What really caught me about the show was the theme song. Its sounds like an Enya kind of thing but better...