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  1. Mare

    Happy Easter All!

    Have a Blessed one.
  2. Mare

    "Doggie Heaven"

    Our Daisey girl had to be put to sleep yesterday....:crying4::crying4::crying5: She was a 12 yr. old golden retriever/chow, always had some problems, but in the past 2 months she had lost ALOT of weight, starting loosing her bladder all over the house. She hadn't eaten for 3 days, and yesterday...
  3. Mare

    Happy Birthday Inky!

  4. Mare


    Happy Birthday sweetie!!! I know it was yesterday, just thought i'd give you a day to recover!wink-wink :banana::cocktail::swing::glasses::beerbang:*peace*:dance::hump::hippy::toast::bgpimp::ladysman:*party2**party**party*:nanabang::hbd::hbd::hbd:
  5. Mare


    Wedneday, 11th Just found out 5:15 tonite my Mom slipped in the grass outside and fell and fractured her upper right arm, when they were xraying her, they found phnemonia in her chest, so needless to say they are keeping her in the hospital to give her IV antibiotics. They put a fiberglass...
  6. Mare

    Too FUNNY! Listen! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!:rofl:
  7. Mare

    Gotta see this!!!

    My brother-in-laws, in laws, went to universal studio. and look who stepped over to say hi to the baby. Told them this is a photo they should frame for the little one when he grows up. (Brandon Frasier)
  8. Mare

    Much Needed Vcation!

    :trippin:We (Scott & I) leave for Key West Friday, June 27th and are staying till Monday June 30th. I CANNOT wait to get out of Dodge!! Needless to say, I'm leaving my computer with my son Michael (OH GOD) so he has something to do while were away. My kids are staying with my sisters in laws...
  9. Mare


    Happy Birthday!!!!!:clap::trippin::wave::hug::headbang::dance:*peace*:toast::rainfrow::hbd:*party2**party*:crowd::band:
  10. Mare

    Just Wanted To Say........

    Happy Father's Day! To All The Dad's Out There! Have a great day!:dance:
  11. Mare

    What is up with these people!

    Teen gives birth in shower, walks to hospital Umbilical cord still attached during the trip — baby is fine Xochitl Parra and her newborn son, Alejandro Parra, are wheeled out of St. Mary Medical Center on Saturday. Behind her from left are her sister Margarita Cordoba, hospital nurse...
  12. Mare

    Just a thought....

    So, im not sure if its a mid life thing or not. I remember saying I never wanted to get married again. And in a way Im not really sure but feel alittle change of heart.But then again, Im not even sure with whom. For the peeps whom have gotten divorced before, (and i mean really think now) did...
  13. Mare

    name this song

    some lyrics............. I want to get away.......I want to get away, i wanna flyyyyyyyyyyy away ?????? Who sings this?
  14. Mare

    Yep! You herd it here!

    Pay-per-view funeral Webcasts Go live in Britain Mourners who can't attend services can pay last respects via the Internet LONDON - Pay-per-view funerals go live online in Britain on Tuesday, allowing mourners who cannot attend services in person to pay their last respects via the...
  15. Mare

    computer protection?

    ok my McAfee virus scan is almost out of date, Actually i really didnt like it anyway. Whats the best way to get one. Go to the store and butit and load it, or go online and purchase and download it? And whom should i get?
  16. Mare


    So, Im trying to put all this stuff back in my computer. I was raeding somewhere that you should not use the administrator account as your surfing account, its more accessibly to trojons, is this true or what. Should i create another account and if I need to download or change something go back...
  17. Mare


    First of all-HELLO....Been awhile. Here's what happened! I dropped my computer ruined my hard drive.....blah blah blah.......IM BACK after ordering a part getting it fixe, blah blah blah-BUT...I LOST all my pictures!!!:crying3: I know i have posted ALOT of pics on here in the past, I am mainly...
  18. Mare

    Step Grandma for the 2nd time!

    Zoey Cynthia DeLaRue 6lbs. 14 oz. 20 inches born 2-16-08...1:03 pm *I FINALLY have a little girl to spoil!!!:swing:
  19. Mare

    Now I know where you got it from! LOL

    The New Holiday for Men Sounds like a great new holiday! Subject: 14th of February Every 14th of February you get the chance to display your fondness for your wife or girlfriend by showering her with gifts, flowers, dinner, shows and any other baubles that women find...
  20. Mare

    HB Luis!

    :cocktail: :beerbang: :hbd: *party2* *party* :band: Have a Gr8 Day! And many more to come!