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  1. Altron

    What's yer speed?

    I have the same modem. I like how has that nice status page for it. When I signed up for comcast, they told me I had to get triple play with the phone. 90/mo for tv phone and internet, plus 7 for modem rental and 8 in various fees. It was that EMTA modem with a phone line, and they...
  2. Altron

    kinda weird to think about my time on OTC

    the recent tommyj27 appearance has made me realize something weird. The time from when I joined until I was reinstated from my ban was roughly half as long as the time from my reinstatement until now. I've posted roughly equally (something like 2,500 posts) in the 4 months that I was on...
  3. Altron

    The history of this forum...

    I think more of the old-timers are on cato's place. OTC has sorta crumbled outside of TRW. Came here from Mikhailtech upon recommendations from Kruz, one of the Atlanta guys that was big on here, a year or two after OTC opened up.
  4. Altron

    you still here?

    Stopping in every week or two. No interest in political argument.
  5. Altron

    and now, for something completely different

    I do. It sucked. They also had to work three hours a day, one day a week, for almost a third of the year! Inhumane.
  6. Altron

    Another reason to send em to private school

    Yeah, but most of them speak English, perhaps due to the fact that English-speaking soldiers liberated them from Germany twice in the past century. For someone seriously interested in dealing with foreign relations and international business, learning to speak a major dialect from India or China...
  7. Altron

    Another reason to send em to private school

    It's called a generator. :P Clearly, literacy is still a requirement. Knowing how to read and write is a prerequisite for the use of a computer, as well as for paper documents. The letters are the same. I'm not arguing that. I'm saying that placing too much emphasis on the finer points of...
  8. Altron

    government programs are always bad

    I hate articles where the writer is trying to explain a scientific concept without understanding it. Injected juice? We ain't talking about Alex Rodriguez. They applied an electric potential. It's tunable, which is nice, but is by no means a unique property of the FEL. They mean to say...
  9. Altron

    Another reason to send em to private school

    It's outdated and serves little purpose. It's another holdover from a time when information was far more difficult to access than it is today, and rote memorization was prized more than comprehension and problem-solving. It makes you seem smart when you can do those squiggly little letters...
  10. Altron

    Ken Follett

    Once the war got going, things got exciting. Couldn't put the book down. I read the remaining 660 pages yesterday. I'm sitting here right now, completely depressed. I already knew that the Treaty of Versailles was a travesty, creating a political and economic climate in Germany that was sure...
  11. Altron

    Ken Follett

    Yeah, I do a pretty solid 1.5 pages per minute of a typical sized hardcover. I like to read. Parents always read to me but I got impatient. I can read and type faster than I can speak. Maybe that's why I got onto forums at such a young age. I got busy with christmas, but I finished Part 1 of...
  12. Altron

    America is fighting back.

    Or, most people are dissatisfied with their elected officials regardless of party affiliations, and there was a strong movement against incumbents. Additionally, a geographical view is completely inappropriate as this has absolutely no bearing on government. House representation is based on...
  13. Altron

    Don't ask, don't tell' is no more

    The military operates under the authority of our government, and is ultimately commanded by the President. The determining factor in selecting who serves in the military should be their capabilities to adequately perform the task assigned to them, not their race/religion/gender/sexual...
  14. Altron

    I've had more than enough of these twits

    Both parties are just intent on pushing their broad agendae. If there are going to be new restrictions that will likely increase energy costs, that's something that needs to be voted upon by the elected representatives of the people. This is elementary school social studies here. Congress...
  15. Altron

    Don't ask, don't tell' is no more

    This was long overdue. How anyone could so blatantly misconstrue the principles our nation was founded upon as being anything other than equality across race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation is a complete mystery to me.
  16. Altron

    I've had more than enough of these twits

    What happened to checks and balances? Executive branch has far more power than ever originally intended.
  17. Altron

    Ken Follett

    My mom was at the library and picked up "Fall Of Giants" by Ken Follett. Burned through the first 250 pages this evening. I had already read Pillars of the Earth and really enjoyed it. Also liked Whiteout from him too. Anyone else check out anything by him? So far, his books are 3 for...
  18. Altron


    Guess he's saving 12k for something special.
  19. Altron

    Texas Board of Education Removes Jefferson From History Standard

    Wow, really? Because that's not what I got out of it at all. I must have mis-read all those lines about freedom of religion and separation of church and state and the rest of the liberal agenda Seriously, though, Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington had the best quotes. Who cares about Adams...
  20. Altron

    So is this place dead or what?

    yeah, think so. I been coming on every couple of weeks and hitting "New Posts" and ignoring everything in TRW, and it's left with this thread and no others.