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  1. Sharky

    Micheal Jackson makes 3

    Toss Karl Malden on the pile.
  2. Sharky

    Joining the ranks of the Unemployed™

    That sucks, Bish. Good luck, I hope you can find something soon.
  3. Sharky

    How do you cut your grass?

  4. Sharky

    A 5-year old's First Job

    That was fuckin' heartwarming!
  5. Sharky

    Look at what I found in the garden today

    The Turtle Man
  6. Sharky

    And the latest New Olympic Sport ....

    Why men are forming their own book clubs
  7. Sharky

    Dr.Phil and the OctoMom

    Who the hell would watch that? Ugh. :disgust2:
  8. Sharky

    Today I saw

    What a coincidence - I was out riding around on the tractor yesterday and saw the same thing. Almost ran over her before I saw her.
  9. Sharky

    So how much will Obama's 35mpg diktat actually cost?

    It isn't as bad as the media makes it seem. :eh: Heh, one of my neighbors survived a head-on collision in his PT Cruiser, and bought a Caliber to replace it. Euro NCAP didn't test my car, but NHTSA did. It received a 5 star rating in every category except side driver impact, but the test car...
  10. Sharky

    So how much will Obama's 35mpg diktat actually cost?

    Meet the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, a mid-size car that gets 8 mpg better fuel economy than a "Smart" car. :cool:
  11. Sharky

    Playing for Change

    He got involved with the project to help out, maybe his appearance will help sell their music, but yeah, I agree - he should stay behind the scenes.
  12. Sharky

    Playing for Change

    Check this out - these guys travel around the world recording street musicians playing the same song individually, then they mix it together into one performance. Even though the musicians are thousands of miles apart, they sound like they are all recording together in one studio. And the...
  13. Sharky

    0bama to Destroy U.S. Auto Fleet

    Ha! I went out to the parking lot and looked - it says "YOU 2BIG". My bad. There is a sticker on the car that says "Actual Size". :D
  14. Sharky

    0bama to Destroy U.S. Auto Fleet

    The Mazda 5 is a good car. :cool: Guy at work has one. His license plate is "YOUR2BIG". :eh:
  15. Sharky

    Happy Birthday, Unclehobart

    :band: *party* Happy Birfday, Unc!! *party* :band: wherever you are Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang! :cool:
  16. Sharky

    Memorial Day 2009

  17. Sharky

    0bama to Destroy U.S. Auto Fleet

    That looks like the bastard child of a Jeep Cherokee and a "Smart" car. :disgust2:
  18. Sharky

    I need net wheels

    Ain't it? :cool: From the article linked in my previous post: Phillips cracks me up. :D
  19. Sharky

    I need net wheels

    John Phillips, a writer for Car and Driver magazine whose sanity is often questioned, built the ultimate '91 Caprice wagon, the Corvette Chaser Part II.
  20. Sharky

    Are You Wrong?