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    Foot in own mouth, now I own 2 cell phones

    I don't message much, and call even less. I hate talking on the phone, so I'd rather send a message and thus spare me the small talk. The person I call the most is the Critter. Like, if I've gone to bed and I hear him playing guitar in his room, I call and tell him to shut up and go to bed. :)...
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    "Dumbledore is gay," says Rowling.

    No grounds for comparison unless those claims were made by the authors of the above mentioned tales. And why even care? I mean, really...
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    What happened to....?

    *posts to look for title*
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    ? for the parents

    PE? The kids here normally shower afterwards, and many put on a new pair then, ya know. If the old pair ends up under the bench rather than the bag.. Eww, for the ones digging through it at lost 'n found. :P Also, since kids here play outside regardless of the weather, they will have a change...
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    Whacked idiot of the day

    Aww.. The letter from his mom was on there... :(
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    I kinda promised the Critter I'd take him to England next summer. I need to start saving up.
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    Metric system, woot! :roll:
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    I'm 168 cm. I have no idea what that translates to in weird non-metric language. Help me out? I'm too tired..
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    Political correctness has claimed another victim, poor Jack O' Lantern.

    Powr kidlets. Ironically, Halloween is getting bigger and bigger every year here, and I wouldn't be surprised if it entered schools eventually. Some parent groups get together and arrange Halloween-parties at the school for the classes their kids are in, but it's held in the early evening, so...
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    Someone to motivate Mr. TheWorldRevolvesAroundMeAndMyNeeds to stay away?
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    Living where you shop?

    *evil chuckle*
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    Living where you shop?

    Haha, nice digs. Almost a shame they got caught before they got the laminated wood flooring in.
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    No Joke - * Graphic Warning * - Burma

    This is not about Buddhist monks practising their religion. This is about Buddhist monks becoming a visible symbol of the people's struggle for freedom of opression. Monks are being killed, and refused to wear their red garments to remove their symbolic effect. Other protesters, such as...
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    That's mainly catholisism, I think, and there are plenty of religions that believe there is something "better" following this life. (To many who do commit suicide, I'm sure "nothing" will also seem as a better alternative to the life they have at that moment) Also, after the movie Constantine...
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    I will refrain from commenting on the shoes. :blank:
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    What you need to do, is inform someone around him, his doctor, family members, friends, school counsellors (I'm just listing examples, no idea if he's a studen or whatever), someone who's close to him, anyone. Then you take a step back and close the door. If he's gonna do it, then he's gonna...
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    what the hell is with kids today...

    Wow, that's really fucked up. Doesn't she have Internet access or something?? When I was a young teen, I found the biology books at the schools library to be quite educational. And my brothers' porn.
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    Walking around in pyjama pants is the big thing 'round here. But they have to be Björn Borg, of course.
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    I feel like I am in Morocco near the mosque!

    The computer is praying? Hot damn... The artificiall intelligence is taking on spirituality now...