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  1. Kawaii

    Happy Birthday Kawaii !!

    Oh dear, I missed my own birthday thread. How foolish of me. Howeeever... I'm kinda fdunrk right now, coming how^H^H^Hhome from this really wild party and all, so I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow. Haven't forgotten you guys, I've just been busy. Cya in about twelve hours. :swing...
  2. Kawaii

    Microsoft Vista means you need new monitors

    I'll treat it just like RealPlayer; If someone is dumb enough to encode stuff for it, it's not worth seeing. Plus, it's not like I use Windows anyway...
  3. Kawaii

    New Super Magnet Weighs More Than 15 Tons

    That's nothing against a neutron star. Those things can wipe a credit card from 1 AU(=the distance between the sun and the earth) away.
  4. Kawaii

    Wi-Fi pistol

    *slap* I DEMAND SATISFACTION! Duel with WiFi pistols at dawn!
  5. Kawaii


    Guildwars is pretty similar to WoW. It doesn't have a monthly fee and also focuses heavily on teamwork and strategy rather than mindless grinding. It requires a pretty good comp to run smoothly, though.
  6. Kawaii

    The Official MIT Nerd Test

    Automatic version Got 63% nerd. The 'higher education' questions, like Maxwell's Equations, got me. Only in high school.
  7. Kawaii

    Stop eating so much red meat!

    Babies, the healthy alternative!
  8. Kawaii

    Linux better get in gear

    Umm... You know you can turn it off, right?
  9. Kawaii

    Wish me luck...I'm about to...

    Whoa. I can do that. 1) How much do you earn in a typical month, and 2) how much is that in real money?
  10. Kawaii

    are you one of them yankees?

    33% (Yankee). You are definitely a Yankee. Ummyeah. :alienhuh:
  11. Kawaii

    Double-headed kitten?

    Pics and source post, you must. ...sorry, I just got back from a Star Wars marathon. Edit: Never mind, found it:
  12. Kawaii

    Check up

    4 months ago, the mandatory annual checkup @ school.
  13. Kawaii

    Test for Dementia

    To: [email protected] Subject: Bug report Body: Mr God, the above questions cause unhandled exceptions for most people. I suggest you patch this security hole immediately. Best regards Kawaii
  14. Kawaii

    how long is your resume?

    I don't have a CV yet since I'm still in the Gymnasium(High school-ish), but I think I'll use this layout: I'll probably write it in LaTeX just because LaTeX documents look so damn sweet.
  15. Kawaii

    annoying computer problem for the gurus

    Aha. Have you tried other players, like: ? Is the problem isolated to WMP?
  16. Kawaii

    EU Commission Negates Democracy

    You already have software patents. :P
  17. Kawaii

    Durex condoms

    Quicktime swallows.
  18. Kawaii

    EU Commission Negates Democracy

    Source: This is exactly why I really, really, hate the EU. The commissions, parliaments and such are all clueless 40+ white rich males that know nothing about software and technology.
  19. Kawaii

    Open Office 2.0 beta arrives

    I'm thinking of using it for a few upcoming essays. Got any good resources or tips you feel like sharing?