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  1. kuulani

    Happy Birthday, Unclehobart

    Hauoli la hanau i loko o keia hoomaikai lohi!!! :hairbng2: (in other words, happy belated):beerbang:
  2. kuulani

    Can't say I'm surprised terribly

    I agree. I have friends that are gay, friends that are lesbians, friends that are transvestites. Hell, I even have friends that are open about their threesomes. I also have friends that are Russian, Korean, Puerto Rican. Does that make me any of these things? No. And even if I were any of those...
  3. kuulani

    Where in the heck is Gato now?

    Be safe!
  4. kuulani

    Happy Birthday Inky!

    happy belated from me too! :banana:
  5. kuulani

    Dr.Phil and the OctoMom

    She's doing what exactly to provide for her kids?
  6. kuulani


    I did a lot of contract stuff and THANKFULLY opened a special savings account to save what I thought I would have to pay on taxes ... now I have plenty leftover on what I thought I would have to spend on taxes :banana:
  7. kuulani


    Happy Belated!!
  8. kuulani

    Nalani gave birth :D

    Hereʻs some pics Na just emailed me :D (If you notice the thumb on the bottom of the boyʻs pic, youʻll get an idea of how tiny they are!!)
  9. kuulani

    Nalani gave birth :D

    Donʻt tell my students about it ... if your Hawaiian was that awesome from a translator ... they would all cheat in my class!
  10. kuulani

    Nalani gave birth :D

    Bish!! You never fail to impress me ... were you Hawaiian in a previous life? *pictures you in a malo (loincloth)* :winkkiss:
  11. kuulani

    Hau'oli La Hanau Ku'u !

    ... and the party continues :beerdrnk:
  12. kuulani

    Nalani gave birth :D

    Her twins are healthy and happy :beerbang:
  13. kuulani

    Hau'oli La Hanau Ku'u !

    Woohoo!! All my otc friends here for my birthday :beerbang:
  14. kuulani

    Hau'oli La Hanau Ku'u !

    Thank you, thank you!! It was a great birthday - can I rewind time back and do yesterday again and skip today?
  15. kuulani

    Did Jack really die?

    I donʻt know how I feel about Jack being hit by that bus :eek:
  16. kuulani

    Economic woes...

  17. kuulani

    Google Chrome

    I like it too - Iʻve been on Firefox for awhile, but Chrome works for me :D
  18. kuulani

    Anybody have an iPhone on T-Mobile?

    My iPhone is with ATT, but my sisterʻs iPhone is with T-Mobile and it seems to work just like mine - Iʻm not sure how she set it up though. It was at a time that iPhone discouraged other carriers.
  19. kuulani

    Economic woes...

    My younger brother just got laid off - heʻs a sous chef at a hotel. Iʻm so bummed for him :sick5: The lucky thing- if there is a lucky thing in being laid off - is that heʻs single with no wife and kids to support. He also has family nearby and can always move out of his apartment and move in...
  20. kuulani

    IRS Child Tax Credit

    Part of my argument about how age-&-government sucks. Our boys can go to war at 18, but they canʻt buy alcohol. Yeah, let them be man enough to kill and be killed, but not man enough to decide if alcohol is okay.