Finally got sirius about my music

I bought a car a few months ago, and it came with XM. I love it. The radio stations here suck, and I was getting tired of CDs - they are a pain in the ass. The satellite reception is a lot better than I thought it would be - it picks up the signal even under the trees over my driveway. :beerbang:

The internet streaming is free, and the channel selection is good.
Jeff got me sirius for valentine's day this year. I love it. On long trips, there is always variety, whether you want to listen to music, news, or comedy.
Not yet. I still just use it for the music. I listened to CNN on it a bit right after Katrina, and I've listened to a couple of football games on it, but that's pretty much it.
I know full well about your tiff with CNN there. I just tend to care a little less about it than you do. Similarly, I can't seem to get many people to switch from Cingular to other carriers even though Cingular bent me over, fucked me up the ass and didn't even use K-Y.
i just switched to cingular! its great, i actually get reception now (was on verizon) everywhere i go for work. verizon was a 50/50 shot at best in a lot of remote areas of southern indiana.