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So I was lucky enough to score some tickets to the musical Sweeney Todd off my neighbor as she had something come up and is unable to use them.
A girlfriend and I are going tomorrow night but it occured to me that I have no idea what folks wear to the theatre anymore. I haven't been to a large venue theatre in a very long time.
So when was the last time you attended the theate and what did you wear?


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I haven't been in awhile but I think anything that skirts, dress pants, nice shirts, dresses would all be acceptable. I'd say generally clothing that is neat, tidy, pressed, and no jeans or t-shirts.


saturday. i wore shorts and sandals. it's seattle. once, back east, i wore a professorial combo of black turtleneck and a tweed sportcoat and i felt like a total fag. things are better now.

but for you, in atlanta... anything that would work for female business casual should be fine.


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Yeah, smart casual is fine.

Last time I went to the theatre, it was in a tiny little village in Austria to see Wagner's ring cycle. I wore shorts & jandals. :lol:


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I was thinking business the only question is if gigantic tattoos mix with business casual at the Fox. But really...WTF do I care?
I am so excited that I finally have a female friend that is interested in such things as I would be hard pressed to talk Rob into this and then he would wear his cranky pants and no one would really enjoy it. He likes the more low-key, not downtown stuff and I do too but this is something special.


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And I'm off! Opted for black slacks with heels and a black and blue corset style blouse.

<--Is totally excited


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yay! i hope you like it! i saw it performed a few years ago, and was very sad that the movie wasn't as funny as the play, lmao.
(i wore a pink/brown floral skirt with a flowy pink shirt and maryjanes, by the way.)


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I was overdressed. Not that I minded.
The play was awesome. Very macabre yet with lots of funny parts. I was impressed how the cast was the orchestra and there were only 10 people in the cast. The set was the same the entire time except for the moving around of a coffin and it's lid, some chairs, a sheet, and some buckets. Very streamline.
We had amazing seats too!