well no more md for me


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I got accepted to Barton College in NC so i will be going there(dont worry im not leaving ot central :) but i will be busy. in august ill have my vacation to NC again one week to rest then ozzfest then I go to campus to try to get a dorm room and sign up for classes. im really nervous since from 99 til now i went to a community school while living with mom and dad. but im really excited but ive already started missing my friends from campus. im kinda between :dance: :crying3: sorry for rambling just wanted everyone to know whats new :)

Luis G

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you'll do fine man.

ozzfest (is Ozzy Osbourne a part of the show still?) :headbang:


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That's great! Congratulations! Where are you going to live, on campus or in an apartment off campus? That's going to be so cool. :)