What are men good for

Yup...and two kids.

Which reminds me...I change 75% of the diapers when I'm home, feed Luna, make breakfast for Javier and I'm getting pretty good at putting her down for naps :)

Modern man!!

*As a side note, I'd like to add that being a father sucks, but being a Daddy rocks! :beardbng:

I'm not gonna say it ....I'm not gonna say it ....I'm not gonna say it ....
*smacks prof
Nah go on, say it. You know ya wanna.

The BF? He's the best thing in my life. The best thing he does is make me happy through all the little things that he does that makes him HIM including using my toothbrush instead of his, and not changing the bog roll over.
Re: What are men good for?

Re: What are men good for?

Showing the kids how to play scalelectix and PS2 / xbox360 etc at Christmas - we really give of our time in this field.

Anything to do with axes.

Not driving back from the pub.

making the gravy and being very proud of it.

barbecues, of course - though there appears to be some debate about this ...

Bird watching.

I'm good at anything that involves thinking, specially on exact sciences.
He is good at being my best friend, the person who can read my mind before I know what it is I am thinking, the person who I am never afraid to say anything to.

He also loves my kids even though they aren't his, takes interest in their lives, and asks what they did at school, every single day.

He also mows the lawn, takes care of the bills (I did that for most of my adult life, and I am more than happy to hand it off :)) Does the kitty litter, takes care of fix-it stuff in the house, fixes the computer when I break it, won't let me do anything on the bbq, and takes out the trash when I forget to, which is pretty much always.

He does much more than that too, but the most important thing he does is love me for who I am.
i cleaned out the f'ing gutters last night. i'll be damned if i ever touch the litter box. i hate the cat.