What is or what will be your childs name and why?


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Ok MitchShaft gave me the idea for this thread.
My Daughters name is Gabrial Florance
Gabrial means Heroin of god but we spelled it slightly different because she is unique.
Florence was in memory her mothers mother who died of breast cancer.
And she has my last name even though Leah and i aren't married yet, but which i shall not repeat here.

Actually my daughter has about ten other Inupiat names given to her by people from her mothers village but i can neither spell nor pronounce them at this time.


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Oops, didn't see this thread before I posted in the other one.

In about 4 weeks, my daughter's name will be:
Leah Michelle Schaftlein.
Schaftlein 'cause that's my last name;
Michelle 'cause that's the wife's middle name;
Leah 'cause my wife would not let me call her Princess Leia. It's a compromise :D.


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Ok, in order from oldest to youngest

Veronica Rae
Nicholas Adam
Donica Leah
Monica Elizabeth
Justin Alexander
Paul Allen


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Zachary Nelson Wilton - Zachary because we liked it at the time, and didn't realize that every kid called Zachary is SPUN :eek: Nelson after a grandpa who died a couple years before he was born, Wilton my maiden name, after another grandpa who died while I was pregnant.

Riley Fisher Mowat - Riley because we liked it, Fisher is an old family name on hubby's side and a cool middle name, Mowat is my family name, lots of history and a few notables in that one.

Avery Stuart Hendrick - Avery because we liked it, Stuart again an old family name for me, Hendrick after a grandpa who died just a few days after Riley was born.

Hopefully that remains it for kids to name :eek:


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Keahiloa Lupenui Mie - Keahiloa is the name of my grandmother's grandmother. Lupenui is the name of my mother-in-law's grandmother, and Mie is a name from my mom.

I don't know what future children will be named. It's Hawaiian custom not to think of a child's name until they are born, then we look for signs or dreams to tell us what the name will be.


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The missus and I just toss out names at random over the duration of the pregnancy until something sounds right. The only rules are no namesakes, no misspellings and nothing stupid.


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Max Power.

" He's the man, whose name you'd love to touch, but you mustn't touch. His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it you mustn't fear, 'cause his name can be said by anyone."


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How come nobody names their kids something unusual? At least something more creative than those lamers that just take a traditional name and then change the spelling slightly. :rolleyes:


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my son's name is Coven (long o). His middle name is getting too personal for a website. We were lokking for something more intersting than "Bob" & less idiotic than "Rainbow".

It's a variation of the common term coven-"a gathering, esp. of witches", the second was "a coming together" which is quite fitting, doncha think?


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When I think of names like Raven, etc.. It makes me think of those darn hippies, which makes me think of the liberal socialists that plague our country. Nothing personal, though! ;)


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When i was younger and dumber i thought traditional names were lame. Then i became interested in education and expanded my ideas beyond smallmindedness, eventually coming to understand the fullness and importance of history & tradition. :bitchslap: