Which dirt bag are You voting for?


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Unlikely. I refuse to vote. I offer for thought

Democracy can't work. Mathematicians, peasants, and animals, that's all there is - so democracy, a theory based on the assumption that mathematicians and peasants are equal, can never work. Wisdom is not additive; its maximum is that of the wisest man in a given group. "But a democratic form of government is okay, as long as it doesn't work. Any social organization does well enough if it isn't rigid. The framework doesn't matter as long as there is enough looseness to permit that one man in a multitude to display his genius. Most so-called social scientists seem to think that organization is everything. It is almost nothing - except when it is a straitjacket. It is the incidence of heroes that counts, not the pattern of zeros. - Robert A. Heinlein
I'd say that the candidate list appearing on the ballots bears out the truth of this statement. Not one candidate ... not even the Green party ... has a platform that survives scrutiny. The Libertarian candidate repeatedly calls for more gov't oversight and management. The Republican candidate supported the Democrat candidate in many earlier events. The Democrat President has suddenly forgot everything bad he said against the Democrat candidate when she was running against him, now saying she's the best for the job. Anyone stupid enough to believe any good can come from allowing any of these to gain office really should not be allowed to breed.