0bama Pirate Hostage Crisis

Discussion in 'The Real World' started by Cerise, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Cerise Well-Known Member

  2. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    he's a black muslim, that's why!!!
  3. Cerise Well-Known Member

    Zer0's response to the Somali pirates has sent a message to any and all enemies of this country: America under 0bama is weak.
  4. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    hmmm, well, i don't really see that. there are several navy vessels there and the FBI is involved in a textbook sort of way.

    but if you want to continue your pathetic gyrations, go ahead. might want to go post somewhere like stormfront. probably a lot more like minds. you betcha.
  5. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    Why should America be The World's Police!?!?!? I'm sick of the US being pushed to solve everyone's problems? I WANT MY TAX DOLLARS IN MY DAMN POCKET, NOT OUT THERE PROTECTING THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!

    Keep in mind...
    A) Merchant vessels can not carry weapons, even for self defense. This is a Maritime law. Pres. Obama has no say in this law.
    B) The sea is a very large territory to secure, even with the largest military presence on the seas.
    C) The cargo ships passing through the waters off Africa are not only US vessels, they are from all over the world. Where is the Chinese navy? Where is Japanese navy? Where is Greek navy? Where is Indian navy? etc....
  6. Cerise Well-Known Member


  7. Cerise Well-Known Member

  8. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member


    Walk softly but carry a big stick. ;)

    I'm glad Pres. Obama isn't laying on the heavy like a past president. :rolleyes: It's just better to do things without running your mouth.
  9. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    well he's probably not an expert on naval interdiction. that's probably why the FBI and military are playing a big part. who's that guy they mentioned in the news... petraus? hey, wait, you mean petraus, that guy that seemed too know what he's doing, is still there even though the administration has changed? well, what is going on here?

    you have no idea what clue he does or does not have. your tripe is tiring.
  10. Cerise Well-Known Member

  11. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    yep, that's him.

    and as much as you may disagree with everything moveon stands for, you are exactly like them in form.
  12. randomJACKASS The Controversial One established April 2002 Banned

    She has absolutely no idea about 95% of the shit she spouts off about on here. She can't even begin to look at anything from a global, or another sovereign nation's viewpoint, to even begin to actually understand these issues, and who is right, or in the wrong, or what have you.

    She basically sees everything in this world from some twisted perception of a backwoods American small towner, who never went any where farther than the neighboring state. Add to that a warped ultra right wing twist, and a firm belief that Americans are the chosen people and the rest of the word is a bunch of peons to shit on if it so pleases us. Frankly, I'd be surprised if she, even in her own mind, considers anyone who is not a right wing nut job, with a bible thumping streak, and/or foreigner or both even to be human. I mean sure she may say different to us, so that she feels like we think she is a normal person, but it's just lip service, so that we don't see the depth of her racism and hate mongering.

    That about sum it up mink?
  13. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    wait, do you mean cerise, or her favorite (former) VP candidate?

  14. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

  15. randomJACKASS The Controversial One established April 2002 Banned

    Probably applies to both of them!
  16. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    US navy/special forces rescue captain.

    ship is in port.

    end of story.
  17. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

  18. Cerise Well-Known Member

    That's it??


    Freedom is a fitting Easter gift for this true American hero!

    Hostage captain rescued; Navy snipers kill 3 pirates

    Of course, if it was Bush, some reporter would ask "Why did it take 5 days before the Captain was freed?" :shrug:

  19. spike New Member


    All you have is making up crap now.
  20. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    Damn, I rushed to my computer to post that... now I'm too late. No scoop for me. :D

    Now, if the other countries would do the same we wouldn't have this mess. Stop paying out ransom and start bustin' nuts like the US just did. Then none of us would be in these situations again.

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