101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™

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    Re: 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™

    heres an instance of you calling it wrong
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    Re: 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™

    heres another
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    Re: 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™

    and also telling us that we are wasting our time
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    1. i've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
    2. i like beer.
    3. i enjoy cooking alot.
    4. i enjoy eating my cooking too much.
    5. i am legally blind.
    6. i haven't read an entire book in...2 years.
    7. i like to get my eyebrows professionally done.
    8. i have muscular tension issues.
    9. i am a dead head.
    10. i am a packrat.
    11. i can drink most grown men under the table.
    12. i can make the best collard greens.
    13. i hate peyton manning.
    14. i started smoking cigarettes at age 14 and quite cold turkey at age 28.
    15. i have a thing for men with ponytails in hawaiian shirts :kiss:
    16. i secretly hide little bits over chocolate all over the place for emergencies.
    17. i like cats.
    18. i would love a little puppy but want my kids to get bigger first.
    19. i wear wild underpants.
    20. i can sleep 12 hours a day if you let me.
    21. i can recite all 50 states in alphsbetical order.
    22. i used to speak tagalog as a child.
    23. i was in the navy.
    24. i never lived anywhere longer than 8 years.
    25. i have a birth defect in my jaw.
    26. my cajun accent becomes stronger with every beer.
    27. i love turtles, dragons, and hippos.
    28. i love crawfish and i suck the heads.
    29. i was a gymnast.
    30. i was a firefighter in the navy.
    31. my children are named after famous authors.
    32. i love sushi.
    33. i love pizza.
    34. i love oral sex.
    35. i love sex.
    36. i am a huge janis joplin fan.
    37. i love christmas and can barely wait for it.
    38. i am a waitress and do quite well at it.
    40. i had to take remedial handwriting classes in school.
    41. i am secretly in love with howie long.
    42. i use dr burts cinnamint toothpaste with chlorophyll. it turns my bristles green.
    43. :tardbang: is my favorite smilie.
    44. i had a rabbit named sauce piquant.
    45. i eat jalapenos in everything.
    46. i failed geometry miserably in school.
    47. i like dope.
    48. i am too pale to tan.
    49. i like to grow flowers and veggies.
    50. i enjoy fishing.
    51. one of my favorite places to be is the atlanta botanical gardens.
    52. i think they might be giants was one of the best bands ever.
    53. i think star trek is the coolest.
    54. i think the new star wars movies are horrid.
    55. i want a hobbit hole.
    56. i can't drive.
    57. the bass is my favorite instrument.
    58. i am, apparently, a libertarian.
    59. i hate pepsi...but it was all i drank until i got pregnant with marlowe.
    60. i want an mp3 player for christmas.
    61. i have an eye for jewelery.
    62. i want trill spots.
    63. i am scared of swarming things.
    64. i hate my name.
    65. pretzels are my favorite mindless snack food.
    66. i could stay in the tub for hours although i rarely do.
    67. i like old volkswagen bugs.
    68. i hate mariah carey.
    69. i want to go to africa, egypt, italy, greece, and mexico.
    70. i've been to japan, the phillipines, new zealand, england, denmark, spain. france, and canada.
    71. i want an extreme makeover.
    72. i watch almost only PBS, ESPN, discovery channel. and the history channel.
    73. i brush my teeth 3 times a day.
    74. if i am inside i am usually without shoes.
    75. i am secretly hoping for snow this year.
    76. i have 8 tattoos.
    77. my kids have my feet.
    78. i am not close with either of my parents.
    79. i like it that way.
    80. i talk in my sleep.
    81. i really don't think ther are 101 things to say about myself......
  5. ClaireBear

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    This should kill about an hour... maybe more... "things about me" could probably be done in about 10 points... not 101! :D

    *ahem* Here goes...

    1. I'm sitting on a royal blue swivel office chair, in a very cold office at 9:00am. I have been here since 8!

    2. I need the loo as its so cold.

    3. It could also be the fact that I've just had over 1/2 pint of coffee... anyhoo...

    4. I'm 24 years old

    5. I work as an "Information services assistant" in a college (I answer phones and stuff envelopes :rolleyes: )

    6. I work a 9 hour shift with only a 30 minute break... sometimes I've worked 12 hours with a 30 minute break!

    7. My second job is working in fashion retail for 4 hours on a Saturday.

    8. I have a 49 hour working week and earn a little over 10,000 a year.

    9. However I'm a qualified teacher who graduated from the University of Durham in 2003.

    10. I should be earning closer to 20,000... if I could find employment.

    11. I miss my Uni days... even though some of the worst times of my life happened during that period.

    12. I believe that higher education is wasted on those under 20... I could do so much better now!

    13. I live at home with my parents, my sister who is 22 and my dog Bonnie who is 14.

    14. We believe our dog is dying. She has started to bleed profusely from her nose, it stops her breathing sometimes and she sneezes out clotts.

    15. My mother's new carpet is covered in blood, as are my grey jeans and my sister's pj's... we don't care.

    16. The vet says he doesn't think its a tumour... we're not convinced.. to find out he'd have to put her under at her old age thats dangerous... we don't want to risk it until she appears to be affected or in pain by whats happening.

    17. Other than the bloody nose my dog is fine in every way. But my dog is dying.

    18. I have tears in my eyes now.

    19. I am currently desperately trying to lose weight. So far I have lost 20 pounds in 15 months...

    20. I should try harder :blush:

    21. My eyes a "hazel" or rather "moody" sometimes brown sometimes green.

    22. My hair is naturally dark blond/light brown... I have it highlighted blond at the mo... and cut quite short.

    23. My dad thinks I should stay blond... I'm not convinced.

    24. My sister says I have "baby hands" - they're very small and petite and actually slightly webbed!

    25. Don't know why I've mentioned my "webbing"

    26. I have size 5 (US 7) feet and over 20 pairs of shoes.

    27. Adrian says my feet and toes are "stubby"... his toes are long *shudder* like fingers.

    28. I have about 15 handbags. One is my "real woman's handbag" its leather and designer from a department store.. a gift from my Nanna when I graduated. Its under my desk now.

    29. I have 2 living grandparents. My Nanna and my Granny... Grans in a home but I see my Nan at least once a week... every week. I love my Nanna.

    30. I didn't know my Dad's Dad (Granny's hubby) but my GanGan (Nanna's hubby) died on 17th August 2000.

    31. I miss my GanGan...

    32. I have tears in my eyes... again.

    33. I like to buy expensive underwear in the sales....

    34. My measurements 36B/C - 30 - 40 (hense the diet!)

    35. Trousers/skirts never fit me in the waist... always too big.. but also never fit me in the butt/thighs... always too small!

    36. The good thing about being over weight is the tits it gives you!

    37. My child would have been 4 years old some time in the end of July.

    38. I don't regret my decision... I often think about it though.

    39. I am (obviously) not a virgin...

    40. I lost mine twice... I don't like to think of the first time... I discount it.

    41. I have taken a range of recreational drugs in my time.

    42. I can't believe I was so stupid... I'm lucky to be alive had a close call once.

    43. I have known a number of people with severe mental illness.

    44. I have "loved" only one.

    45. I think that this time it is real love.

    46. My current beau is also 24 and a nurse on a opthalmology A&E clinic. He gets to deal with the fractured orbits and eye lacerations incurred over the weekend in bar brawls. They are "lovely" people.

    47. With him I can be me. He is non judgemental and so supportive. He is also my best friend.

    48. Over the years my hair has been purple, black, ginger/aurburn and now blond.

    49. Hair cuts and new styles never scare me... hair grows.

    50. If my hair is long and uncoloured I won't visit a salon in months if its short and/or coloured I'm there every 6 weeks!

    51. My last hair cut and restyle with highlights cost £65... (over $120!)

    52. I'm not wearing any makeup at the moment..

    53. I like makeup but only wear it to go out or if I'm seeing Adrian.

    54. The last time I wore makeup was 3 days ago when I went to the local for a few drinks and a chat with my sister.

    55. Ade prefers me without make up... he says I'm naturally beautiful... I'm not convinced.

    56. I love my little sister. We have been each other's best friend since she was born. My sister has problems. I worry about her and her health. I don't know how I can help her.

    57. I have tears in my eyes... yet again.

    Must nip to the loo.. that wee is now DESPERATE!

    Back in a bit...

    *CB runs to the toilet*
  6. ClaireBear

    ClaireBear Banned


    58. I always wash my hands after visiting the toilet... and spray perfume... its as if the loo has altered my smell or something :confused:

    59. I have worn the same scent for 10 years!

    60. XS Pour Elle by Paco Rabbanne

    61. Its being discontinued!!!!! :eek:

    62. Family and very close friends and now Adrian call me "Bear"

    63. My sister calls me "The Bear"

    64. An ex used to call me "Panda" on the bear theme but related to the fact that my black eyeshadow would smudge by morning.

    65. I wore full black eyeshadow for nearly 2 years when I was in the local rock scene.

    66. I wore baggy skater jeans, wallet chain, spiked cuffs and chokers and a bra with net top... I thought I looked great.

    67. I used to weigh only 9 stone (136 pounds)

    68. I'm now 11.5 stone (161 pounds)

    69. Adrian and I are members of a very exclusive restobar in the centre of Newcastle.

    70. Sometimes I like to pose... and I'm aware I'm doing it!

    71. Appearances and clothing are very important to me... but the person underneath is what really counts.

    72. I like drinking proper ale in proper pubs... reading a proper paper.. having a proper sunday lunch!

    73. Yet I also like sipping gold bacardi over ice wearing designer lables looking out onto the street from an exclusive bar... then dancing the night away.

    74. I'm not "into" music... I like what I like and its eclecctic motown, r&B, Jazz, some rock, indie, classical... but listen to it rarely...

    75. My bedroom is only 9ft by 8ft... maybe thats why I don't listen to music.

    76. I own under 10 cds!!! :blush:

    77. I steal my sisters who owns about 200!

    78. I love seafood and fish dishes!

    79. Bacardi is my favourite tipple.

    80. At Christams I like "Snowballs" (Cocktail of advocatt and lemonade)

    81. I usually only drink white wine... red makes me fall asleep.

    82. I have mixed red and white only once (except during high table dinners at uni) never since. The consequences of that will never leave me... I will never do it again.

    83. Getting kinda hard to think of more things to say...

    84. I have never been abroad!!!!

    85. I don't own a passport... and never have!

    86. I have, however, been all over the UK.

    87. I'm the "Princess of Public transport"

    88. I can't drive.

    89. I don't own a driving license not even a learners one... to get one I need a passport to get a passport I need to get someone to sign to say they've known me 5 years... I haven't known anyone other than family for 5 years.

    90. I have no real friends, work collegues but no "mates" other than my sister, Chloe who has now moved away and Adrian.

    91. My parents have no real friends either. They rarely go out.. other than to visit my nan or to go to a local pub.

    92. I used to Salsa twice a week.

    93. I was told I was pretty good at it... I used to do Latin at Uni.

    94. I was consistantly bullied all the way through school for being too bright, dressing differently and for (I believe) having two parents!

    95. The school wanted me to see an educational psychologist... moving me into the top ability group solved the problem!

    96. I have never failed an exam. I always gained A's in almost all subjects B's in Maths.

    97. My IQ is apparently lower than my academic ability and I am slightly dyslexic.

    98. The year 2000 was my worst ever year to date.

    99. I'm hoping 2005 will be the best!

    100. Thats all folks!

    101. Why I've actually bothered with this and posted it... I'll never know... its killed almost 2 hours anyway! :D
  7. Starya

    Starya New Member

    1. I have a boring life

    2. In order to get 101, this will get very boring too

    3. I'm already clueless when it comes to what to list

    4. I have a son

    5. Got pregnant at 16

    6. Had the baby at 17

    7. Married the father when I was 18

    8. The father was an idiot

    9. Which makes me an idiot for marrying him

    10. stayed with him for 6 years

    11. which makes me a moron

    12. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up

    13. I'm already grown up

    14. being a grown up sucks

    15. My right hand sounds like a maracas when i make a fist

    16. therefore I can't sneak up on someone to punch them in the face

    17. I have never punched someone in their face

    18. except my ex

    19. he deserved it.

    20. No really, he did.

    21. My parents got divorced when I was 14

    22. I didn't really mind

    23. My brothers did mind

    24. I don't have a drivers licence

    25. I wan't one

    26. i'm afraid I'll get someone killed if I get one

    27. I should be doing housework right now

    28. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't be doing housework anyways

    29. i suck at doing housework

    30. I rearranged the furniture in my sons room the other day

    31. I even cleaned the room up

    32. He loved it

    33. He wanted me to do the same in the living room

    34. As if.

    35. Ok, I'm considering it

    36. Maybe sometime before christmas

    37. I once went to a funeral, and wanted to stomp on the coffing to make sure it would stay down

    38. Didn't do it though

    29. it stayed down anyways

    40. That's clever. Mess up the numbers and see how fast that will get you to 101..

    41. I've never been good with numbers

    42. I suck at simple math

    43. Good at remembering account numbers and such, though

    44. I'm hypothyroid

    45. I'm overweight

    44. i'm overweight because I'm lazy

    45. I might be lazy because I'm hypothyroid

    56. I'm also overweight because I don't eat quite as healthy as I ought too

    57. That's got nothing to do with being hypothyroid

    58. I walk really fast

    59. I like walking fast

    60. I have a heel spur

    61. Got it after walking up a mountain

    62. Turns out I need special soles

    63. I have special soles

    64. I even have shoes to put them in

    65. I have all sorts of clothes

    66. but only one dress

    67. I never wear it.

    68. My shoe size is 40-41

    69. I have a great dad

    70. We almost never talk

    71. That's because we are too alike

    72. None of us like talking on the phone

    73. Our phone conversations are insanely boring

    74. I prefer visiting him

    75. Then we can just sit and be quiet together

    76. My mom is great

    77. She talks alot

    78. She talks a lot about boring things.

    79. I have one living grandparent.

    80. She's senile

    81. We were never close

    82. I think I'm gonna make it to 101!

    83. It got pretty boring though, didn't it?

    84. My son has ADD (not Hyperactive)

    85. He's not on any meds.

    86. I wouldn't be surprised if i had it too

    87. But the sympthoms also match the symptoms of hypothyroidism

    88. I last guy who told me I was really pretty, was a drunk drug-user

    89. He hung himself a few months later.

    90. I don't think it was because of me

    91. He was a really nice guy.

    92. No, really.

    93. My mom has attempted suicide a few times.

    93. Her arms are scarred because of self-mutilation.

    94. A lighter can make interesting patterns on living skin.

    95. She's doing great now though

    96. She suffers from depression and anxiety

    97. So did her mom

    98. She looks like an Iranian, dark skin, black hair, a lot of hair all over, dark brown eyes

    99. My dad looks like the stereotype of a viking, tall, blond, blue eyes, fair skin

    100. Guess who I got my looks from *points to avatar*

    101. I couldn't get a tan if my life depended on it.
  8. Kawaii

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    101 Things You Did Or Didn't Know About Kawaii™

    For some reason, I felt like posting 101 details about my personal life since everyone knows so little about the other.

    1. I'm sitting in my dorm room, looking for inspiration for and English essay.

    2. I'm hoping that everyone else will write 101 things about themselves after seeing this.

    3. I am absolutely addicted to tweaking stuff and finding alternative solutions.

    4. 0% of everything I make goes to a toy or piece of hardware I want to own, because, technically, i don't make any money...

    5. I'm 18 years old on September 3.

    6. I certainly don't own a 126 foot yacht. I'm a bit jealous.

    7. I'm usually happy with what I have and try to make the most of it.

    8. I have no job.

    9. Sorry about your mom. Mine is alive and well, but my granny died of from cancer last year.

    10-16. I don't have and kids and I'm currently single.

    17. I have a few multi-purpouse tools that i use for everything.

    18. I don't smoke.

    19. I'm currently letting my hair grow.

    20. See 10-16

    21. All teachers except one like me, and the one that that doesn't like me don't hold any classes that i attend.

    22. I party quite a bit.

    23. I am not as smart, fast or as healthy as I could be. I'm trying to change that.

    24. I should be doing my homework.

    25. I played badminton for 2 years.

    26. Last night, i spent 11 hours straight on skinning XMMS to fit in with the rest of my system. Result(XMMS is in the top-left corner).

    27. The moment I started partying, I quit every sport I was in.

    28. I've lifted weights once or twice.

    29. I'm poor.

    30. I would like to travel internationally!

    31. I don't like to travel locally.

    32. The furthest I've ever been from home is the Czhech(spelling?) Republic.

    33. I don't know what my dream job would be.

    34. I have been on the big picture on the front page of a magazine with ~150,000 readers.

    35. I build computers for all my friends and never charge them.

    36. Around 40-50% of my friends are women.

    37. I don't know how to fix a motorcycle.

    38-40. Your friend is a lucky bastard.

    41. My poorest friend is me.

    42. I give to charity occasionally.

    43. I think most or the girls on campus are HOT!

    44. I always wear a shirt.

    45. I hate mobile phones.

    46. I have 28 MSN contacts and i'm satisfied with that.

    47. I get maid service for free.

    48. I'm reasonably polite as long as you don't piss me off.

    49. I probably make MUCH less money than most of the people who are reading this, but I get a shitload of stuff for free.

    50. I don't pay bills.

    51. I have never bought anything through a financing plan.

    52. I have never owned a brand new car, boat or camera!

    53. I hate printers.

    55. I hate people that ask me how to fix MSNMSG/IE/WMP/OLE/WXP.

    56. I never build Intel systems.

    57. I have over 30 gigs of pictures from various parties and from our pledge week.

    58. I don't like birthdays or Christmas.

    59. For my birthday, II want a digital camera...

    60. ... and a new motherboard.

    61. I avoid brand name clothes.

    62. I don't drive, nor do i have a driver's licence.

    63. I have never been caught for speeding(duh)!

    64. I have gotten on a bicycle while head-over-heels drunk. It ended with a lot of cuts and cruises.

    65. I have never driven/rode any kind of vehicle, besides the bicycle mentioned in 64, while drunk or otherwise.

    66. I don't like programs like Dreamweaver. I want to see the code when i work on homepages.

    67-75. No kids, single.

    76. :finger:

    77. I have never been to a concert that I enjoyed.

    78. I don't like crowded places and absolutely hate it when people ask me retarded questions.

    79. I don't smoke.

    80. I don't like cars.

    81. I certainly don't like wet cars.

    82. I can hold my breath for more than a minute.

    83. I fucking hate Jackass.

    84. My favourite sport is the one where contestants are given sharp objects and have to fight each other until only one remains. Oh wait, that doesn't exist. I hate sports.

    85. My friend uses nitrous oxide in his bike.

    86. All my friend's bikes are capable of going from 0 - 200KPH in less than 10.5 seconds.

    87. I don't like television, but my favourite series is Vandread.

    88. If I had three wishes, i would put down the crack pipe and go to bed.

    89. I don't like being photographed.

    90. On week days, i always sleep from midnight to 07:00 AM.

    91-94. bla bla single no kids bla bla yadda yadda

    95. I don't like guns.

    96. I fucking hate writing fixed-subject essays.

    97. I don't like most of the right-wing principles.

    98. Out of all the Bulletin Boards I've been on the web, I think OTCentral is the most closely knit community of them all.

    99. I would love to meet each and every member of this board and if you all came to Sweden, I would host a party for everyone to enjoy.

    100. I don't know why I am actually going to click on Submit New Thread after saying everything that I have. This took about 20 minutes to write.

    101. I hope this post offends someone. ;)
  9. Toolbox™

    Toolbox™ Active Member

    Putting this back up for a basis for comparison. :)
  10. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    #6 is now defunct. I read a lot these days.
    #18 is outdated as we have a dog.
    #19 is sadly outdated as I wear control panties :(
    #38 is outdated as I no longer work for money. I am a full time volunteer.
    #42 is outdated. I use some hyper whitening toothpaste now.
    #60 is outdated as my phone is my MP3 player.
    #65 is outdated....I don't have a replacement either.

    Oh! And the whole pot thing is sadly outdated too...but I do miss it.
  11. i-heart-music

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    Ok I've never done anything like this before but here we go 101 things people don't know about me.

    1. I have a chocolate/sugar addiction.

    2. I can't pronounce the word sarcastic..(i say carsick) or specific (i say pacific).

    3. I fall in love easily.

    4. I fall out of love so hard. (It takes weeks).

    5. I always want what I can't have.

    6. When it comes to boys/men all the fun is in the chase for me...after that I get bored.

    7. I get bored easily.

    8. Howenever I get amused easily.

    9. The smallest things amuse me. Big things give me a headache.

    10. I love German history...I find it so exciting.

    11. History was my worst subject at school and I hate the rest of it.

    12. Music and German were my favourite subjects in school

    13. Im the most supersticious person you will ever meet!!!

    14. I love taking Pictures.

    15. I hate being in Pictures.

    16. I like boys with longish hair.

    17. I go for personality over looks.

    18. Howenever I will admit even if a lad has the nicest personality in the world...if im not physically attacted to him end of.

    19. I someday want to move to America.

    20. Vanilla Milkshakes all the way.

    21. Mint Ice-Cream all the way.

    22. My favourite colour is Black.

    23. 95% of the clothes in my wardrobe are black.

    24. I own pink converse and I love them.

    25. 8 is my favourite number.

    28. July is my favourite month.

    29. Sunday is my favourite day.

    30. When I liten to a song the lyrics really get to me.

    31. I over-think things.

    32. I get depressed somethimes and noone knows.

    33. I envy some of my friends so much.

    34. I have a tendency to push away people if they get too close to me.

    35. I lie alot.

    36. I have a crazy fear of clowns.

    37. I also fear the unknown.

    38. It bothers me that I have no control over my future.

    39. Im a drama queen.

    40. I love my boobs.

    41. Music is my life.

    42. I'm a bit of an emo.

    43. I like being a bit emo.

    44. I like emos.

    45. I admire people who can speak their minds.

    46. I prefer diet coke to coke.

    47. I have developed a fear of heights.

    48. I never mind climbing up things. Its being at the top and having to climb back down that scare me.

    49. I still don't know my left from my right.

    50. I believe in true love.

    51. I believe in soulmates.

    52. I hate when you like someone and the don't like you back.

    53. I spend ALOT of my time obsessing about love.

    54. I don't think i'll ever be truely happy.

    55. I really want to be in arelationship right now.

    56. I love giving advice.

    57. But hate taking it.

    58. Im too headstrong for my own good.

    59. I despise gold jewllery.

    60. I can't spell loads of words.

    61. I sing but won't sing infront of people.

    62. I can play gutair but don't think I can spell it.

    63. I cry alot.

    64. I've been through about 5 cellphones (mobile phones) in the past year.

    65. I hate the fact that people judge me before they know me.

    66. Im afraid of breaking people hearts.

    67. I hate telling people how I really feel.

    68. I heart hearts.

    69. I want my first tatoo to be a star on my wrist ( so commen i know).

    70. I constantly make the same mistakes.

    71. Im addicted to dominos pizza.

    72. I sing and talk in my sleep.

    73. Im always falling.

    74. :trippin: is my favourite smily.

    75. My longest relationship was 8 months.

    76. It was my only real relationship.

    77. I have a tendencay to be with the same guy and do stuff with him yet were not going out.

    78. I don't know what I want to do with my life.

    79. Im addicted to medical and crime shows.

    80. I've had loads of best friends in my life.

    81. I miss my 1st best friend and really wish she still was my best friend.

    82. I wish I could be 8 or 18 forever.

    83. I find it hard to trust people.

    84. I keep secrets.

    85. I fancy my friend.

    86. Im in love with Chris Brown.

    87. I don't want to go back to college...

    88. But my parents will kill me if I don't.

    89. I dont want to fail my parents.

    90. I want to be thin and have the will power to stay on a diet.

    91. I wish people weren't so mean.

    92. Despite the fact i work 3 jobs and live at home I NEVER have money.

    93. I go out way too much.

    94. I love guys in bands.

    95. Secretly deep deep down I think im afraid of commitment.

    96. I hate making promise I know I can't keep.

    97. I don't believe in regrets...because anything i've done was exactly what I wanted at the moment...I do wish i could change stuff tho.

    98. I hate shopping.

    99. I love sad songs.

    100. I know every word to Eminems song just lose it.

    101. Anchorman is my favourite film

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