Amusing: King Herald (Norway) caught speeding...

Discussion in 'The Real World' started by Jeslek, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Jeslek

    Jeslek Banned

    Norway King escapes fine for speeding [/siz]

    OSLO (Reuters) - Norway's King Harald has been caught speeding in his car but will escape a fine due to royal immunity, a Norwegian daily has reported.

    Verdens Gang said on Saturday that King Harald was stopped while driving his private car at a speed of 70 km (44 miles) per hour near Gol, a town in southern Norway, in a zone where the speed limit was 60 km per hour.

    He will not pay any fine because Norway's 1814 constitution grants the monarch blanket immunity from prosecution for any crime or misdemeanour. An ordinary citizen would be fined about 1,000 crowns (85 pounds) for the infringement.

    Gee, blanket immunity? :eek:
  2. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft New Member

    Amazing! He must be a better/more worthy person than his "subjects".
  3. Jeslek

    Jeslek Banned

    He is!! I mean, he is royalty afterall! :D
  4. ris

    ris New Member

    hehehe, i like the finish speeding fine system, it would be funny if appleid to this guy.

    in finland speeding fines are related to income, so if you earn a toss-load you pay more. a few years ago the had of nokia got caught. they reduced the percentage becuase the fine was enormous and he still paid 120k or something. :D :D
  5. Jeslek

    Jeslek Banned

    This is Norway :p Do they use the same system? I knew about Finland, but not about Norway.
  6. ris

    ris New Member

    not that i know of, and as he has this blanket whatnot it wouldn't apply anyway.

    just imagine adding up that wealth though. paintings, furtniture, country houses.. :D :D
  7. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    It's been said that ....
  8. Professur

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  9. mabam

    mabam New Member

    Well since Norway is my neighbour, I won't hassle them too much. I know how much they love their Royal family..

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