Arizona bill 1070

Discussion in 'The Real World' started by Winky, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Signed into Law 04/23/2010

    Let the fun begin
  2. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    lol, leftist heads a'sploding.
  3. catocom

    catocom Well-Known Member

    This is going to get ugly.
    It will finish off the dems.
  4. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Shove it feds.
  5. jimpeel

    jimpeel Well-Known Member

    What the fuck is this thread about?

    Oh, you mean THIS?

    How about a link next time.
  6. jimpeel

    jimpeel Well-Known Member

    If AZ wants to get Washington's attention, all they have to do is to start shipping busloads of illegal immigrants to DC, offload them in front of the Capitol building with a Mariachi band and a big banner that says "Welcome Amigos to your new homeland!" in Spanish and English.

    They could also invoke Article I, Section 10, Paragraph 3:

    They could simply declare war with Mexico if they had any balls at all.
  7. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Arizona bill 1070 struck down by the Supreme Court

    srsly jim? suffice to say
    we are gonna crack down on them illegals
    and let everyone carry guns
    shoot em up in the Wild Wild West!

    Nah just kidding our coloured President
    aint’ gonna allow any of it.

    How fucked up has this country become when
    allowing law abiding people to bear arms
    and doing something to stop an illegal foreign invasion
    is considered Un-American?

    just you wait and see

    Woe be unto you!
  8. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

  9. jimpeel

    jimpeel Well-Known Member

    Clinton is right. Those damned Conservatives spreading violence and hatred.

    Oh, wait. They are Conservatives when they are in Mexico. Once they cross the border they become violent, hate spewing Liberals.

    My error.
  10. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Arizona bill 1070 is all American

    Go on and read Jimmy's link.
    All it does is enforce Federal laws?
  11. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

  12. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Arizona bill 1070 will be struck down in the courts

    but they are gonna ram thru an immigration bill Right?
    Mmm Mmm Mmm
  13. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

    There has go to be a limit on the treasonous stupidity coming out of Washington. They may feel they have nothing to lose, unlike in '06 when the attempt was defeated, because they know they have no chance in 2010 & 2012.

    I imagine secession will become a reality the more they push....
  14. MrBishop

    MrBishop Well-Known Member

    Actually... this new law is the one that's unconstitutional. The 14th
    If a person is not committing a crime, there should be no reason to stop them on the street..and certainly nothing requiring them to provide 'papers' proving their citizenship. "Suspicion" alone is insufficient.
  15. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    Being here illegally is a crime. Why don't you folks understand that?
  16. MrBishop

    MrBishop Well-Known Member

    Sure thing... prove that a person is there illegally BEFORE you arrest them.
    That's the kicker...the presumption of innocence. That's what is being overlooked here.
  17. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member


  18. MrBishop

    MrBishop Well-Known Member

  19. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    Sorry, reasonable suspicion of xxxxxxx. DUI check points ask to see your license with no reasonable suspicion all the time.

    If the person is speaking German and wearing European clothing it would reasonably easy to conclude that may not be an American.

    Many states require you carry an ID anyway.
  20. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member



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