Bacon Bomb BBQ

Discussion in 'Good Food' started by Sharky, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Sharky Carcharodon carcharias New Member

    *WARNING* Watching this video may increase your risk of artery clogging and may elevate your cholesterol level. :erm:

    Bacon Bomb BBQ

    That looks sooooo tasty. :licklips:
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  2. H2O boy royalty in waiting New Member

    oh sweet mother of all that is holy

    i am so making that in a few weeks
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  3. 2minkey كافر bootlicker

    yeah i'd hit that for sure. i might use shallots instead of onions in that shit, though.
  4. chcr We're dancing for once! Too cute for words

    That looks appetizing.

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