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Discussion in 'Good Food' started by Altron, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Altron

    Altron Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I learned from my dad's friend how to make beef jerky. So, now I have to go shopping for the all the fixins. Going to get 4 lbs of london broil to start off with, and a food dehydrator. Marinate in seasonings and cure for 24 hours, then do 12 in the dehydrator.

    He told me to get Jack Links seasoning from Cabela's website to start off with. Do you guys know any other websites that sell some cool seasonings for beef jerky? I want to try making all different kinds.

    Prof, don't you make it?
  2. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    I do, but I mix my own seasonings. I got the 4 tray TotalChef deluxe dehydrator, but you can do it perfectly well in the oven at it's lowest setting. Make a ball of tin foil to block the door slightly open. My recipe for 2lbs of flank steak sliced with the grain

    2/3 cup worcestershire
    2/3 cup soy
    1 tbs honey
    2 tsp black pepper
    2 tsp onion powder
    1 tsp liquid smoke
    1 tsp red pepper flakes.

    Marinade 3-6 hours. Don't leave it over long, or it'll cook in the marinade and disintegrate.
  3. Nixy

    Nixy Elimi-nistrator Staff Member

    I buy my beef jerky from the Farmers Market. Fresh, organic, tasty and easy :D
  4. Antonio1

    Antonio1 New Member

    Nice recipe. This is new for me and i never tried this beef jerky. This is looking very tasty. I am feeling hunger so i am going to make this right now.
  5. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    I need to make a few new batches ... I found some cheap french cut roast beef that's ideal for this.
  6. Nixy

    Nixy Elimi-nistrator Staff Member

    Why didn't I get any jerky when I visited? I love jerky :(
  7. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    We made some last weekend, an extended version of Hyde's recipe, let it soak for 24 hours & it's
    damned tasty
  8. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    You didn't get any because I haven't made any in a while. Gonz ... takes longer to soak than it does to eat, doesn't it?
  9. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    It's surprising how little a 4lb roast makes
  10. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    That's how much water you're buying when you buy food. Really brings the high price of commercially dehydrated food into focus.
  11. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    got giant-ass strips of salmon jerky delivered to my office last week. product samples. it looked fucking gross. give me beef, please...

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