Food Vs. Exercise - Where To Start?

Discussion in 'Good Food' started by JennySpalding, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I think this is an easy one. Start with the exercise. Let me explain my reasoning.

    If you combine your exercise with some simple affirmations and listening to motivational messages, you start to change your thought patterns. The combination of improving your health and the increase in motivation helps you transition to eating healthier with almost zero effort.

    The opposite is not as easy to do. Eating healthy does not give you the same ability to feed your mind at the same time, but changing your eating pattern first does have one advantage. When you eat properly, you start generating more energy making exercise easier. The only problem is with the improper mindset, you may not choose to use that energy for exercise, but may just waste it doing almost nothing.

    Search for a few highly motivating songs, a few motivational speeches, and write down a few affirmations that will empower you. You can then start exercising on a daily basis while saying your affirmations or listening to your motivational materials. Remember to stay focused on your goal of transitioning to eating healthier, also. You will find yourself making better food choices with almost zero effort and probably without even thinking about it.
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    I can't exesize the way I need to because of physical limitations in my lower body,
    so I Have to change what and how much I eat.
    I way I've found is best for me, and it's not esy to start with, is to fast as much
    as possible for at least 3 days, then it makes it easier to start back on regular meals,
    and just cut the Size(or rather how much) of the meals I eat down.
    Also one of my sticking points was watch movies, and munching.
    I switch from sweets/sugary, to salty snacks, and sugarfree chewing gum.

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