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    This site offers 3 free programs: a download manager, a os tweaking program and a program to benchmark your system. They look pretty good. I downloaded all three but have only tried one of them. The registration is free, but I recommend using a email address that isn't too important to avoid being spammed. Here is a screenshot:
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    We used FreshDiagnose to do our company wide inventory last summer. We didn't use it for benchmarking so much but for the information that it draws from the computer; installed software, CPU speeds, RAM installed, IDE info and all of it fits on a floppy. I installed that program on hundreds of computers and the only problem I had with it is that I couldn't spend the time to register each one. Even if you register once and enter that information into each computer, it won't take and you'll have to wait something like 300 seconds to get into the program (after the 10 evaluation days have expired). You have to register each instance of the application seperately. Doesn't pay when you're rolling it out to hundreds of computers but it saved me a hell of a lot of time last summer.

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    here is a screenshot
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    Hi, Steve :headbang:
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    Howdy :)

    You will notice that I didn't install SP1. The reason is because I reformat so often that SP1 is a pain. My computer is just as stable without it as with. I installed it a couple of times and just thought "what for"? Does SP1 really do anything other than add a couple of security fixes?

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