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Discussion in 'Trivia' started by greenfreak, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. greenfreak New Member

    Ok so this thread is not the original. The original is elsewhere but I missed it so I wanted to clone the idea here. If you mind, well, too bad. :p

    Here's the deal...

    Someone posts a quote from a movie. The next person who guesses it correctly posts their own quote and so on. A few rules to keep it going:

    1. NO GOOGLING. That's called cheating. Please be fair. :)
    2. Anyone can confirm that a quote is correct if they're sure or have checked it against or something like that.
    3. If someone guesses it right but doesn't post a new quote in the next 24 hours, it's up for grabs to the next person who posts after the day is up.
    4. No posting quotes out of turn.
    5. If a quote is up for more than 24 hours, the person who posted it has to say what it is and give up their turn.
    6. Clues can be posted if the person who posted the quote wants to

    Because we're from all over the world, movies that are widely known would probably be better to post. :)

    I'll leave the first quote to you. :D
  2. HeXp£Øi± Global TranceMissions New Member

    Easy one for starters.
  3. Justintime Guest

    Sounds like a jacket movie :headbang:
  4. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

    can we have the 12 hours hint? :D
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  5. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    Full metal jacket :headbang:
  6. HeXp£Øi± Global TranceMissions New Member

    :army: Toldya that was an easy one.
  7. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

    c'mon Sf is your turn to post a quote
  8. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    I'm sure some good American fella will know :D
  9. MitchSchaft New Member

  10. HeXp£Øi± Global TranceMissions New Member

  11. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    That means it's you, Hexploit.
  12. MitchSchaft New Member

    Try that one.
  13. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    Empire Strikes Back :D

    >>> Don't interrupt me.....honey.

  14. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    Heh cut it out dammit! Nobody guessed the right movie yet :grumpy:

    Stick to the rules.
  15. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    Yeah, Hexploit guessed yours. Didn't he? :confuse3:
  16. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    Uhm, no....:)

    That fella part wasn't a hint :)
    I'm off to bed now, if you don't guess when I get home tomorrow, I'll tell :)
  17. greenfreak New Member

    Once someone guesses, the person who posted the quote has to confirm it (unless it's so obvious that multiple people confirm it or someone checks it against :)

    My guess is Spaceballs?
  18. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    It's taking too long :D

    It was a quote from The Right Stuff
    Some testpilot is asked to fly the Bell X-1, and ask an enormeous amount of money...the guy from the Airforce complains about that, and so the arrogant fuck says "No bucks, no Buck Rogers"

    And so Chuck Yeager stands up and says he'll do it for just his regular salary... :headbang:

    Good choice he made :D

    OK, enough blah blah....NEXT! [IMG]

  19. ris 121.3 moh New Member

    i think you'd better give us another sf :)
  20. greenfreak New Member

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