Happy Birthday AlphaTroll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Mare, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Mare

    Mare New Member

    :cake: :kiss: :D :hippy: :toast: :banana: :glasses: :wave: :dance: :hbd: *party2* *party* :band:
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  2. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    :hbd: Have a great day!
  3. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

    Tsk. Darned near thirty, huh?
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  4. SouthernN'Proud

    SouthernN'Proud Southern Discomfort

    Joyous celebration of the anniversary of your birth and all that kind of stuff and related salutations that coincide with the observance.
  5. AlphaTroll

    AlphaTroll New Member

    Thanks guys :)

    Yeah, but I am still hot & fuckable :D And I don't even mind the implied implication that you think I am getting old...I am just too hopped up on chocolate cake & painkillers right now :D ;)
  6. Uki Chick

    Uki Chick New Member

    :cake: :hbd: :hbd: :hbd: All the best!
  7. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    :hump: :hbd: *puter* :rfap:
  8. AlphaTroll

    AlphaTroll New Member

    I am on a complete sugar high right now - have the uncontrollable urge to run around the office giggling...most disturbing, this must be why I do not eat chocolates.
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  9. MrBishop

    MrBishop Well-Known Member

    *MrBish buys you a ticket to Montreal and a box of chocolates.

    Happy Birthday! :cake: :beardbng:
  10. AlphaTroll

    AlphaTroll New Member

    Why do you want to go to Montreal?

    Argh nevermind, I misread...hey, can you handle me? I get worse than a two year old when I am all choccied up (scary I know).

    BTW - see you in Vancouver soon(ish)
  11. majestyx

    majestyx New Member

    :cake: Happy Birthday! :cake:
  12. Spirit

    Spirit Kissy Goddess

  13. Kruz

    Kruz New Member


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