Happy Easter All

Discussion in 'Lunatic Lounge' started by Spliffy, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Spliffy

    Spliffy New Member

    Ive eaten too much chocolate already lol. And it aint even Sunday yet lol.
  2. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    i'll be sleeping in on sunday morning....sounds blissful! happy easter, everyone!
  3. Oz

    Oz New Member

    Bollocks (load o' fuss because some bugger got nailed to a plank if yer ask me)......
  4. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    yah my next door neighbors always have this easter brunchy thing, and then there's an egg hunt for the kiddies, during which the adults all catch up on the past however-long, without childrens' interruptions.

    thinking of not going. people are always mean and/or fake to me there :(
  5. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    ash, the people you shouldn't bother with are always mean and/or fake to people that aren't cattle...that's how you weed them out. go and help the kiddies find the eggs.
  6. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    has anyone figured out the whole colored egg/rabbit/chocolate/plastic grass connection yet?
  7. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    creating a fun spin on an otherwise guilt ridden catholic fiasco?
  8. Spliffy

    Spliffy New Member

    Who cares. I only like Easter for the chocolate :)
  9. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

    We could discuss that at length, but it's pretty boring.
  10. BeardofPants

    BeardofPants New Member

    Happy Fertility day everyone. Go fuck yourselves even sillier. :swing:
  11. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

  12. PrincessLissa

    PrincessLissa New Member

    The boi asked me to his family's house for lunch and then my daughter comes over for dinner with my family. Rather boring day. I've never had a really good Easter so I am not expecting one.
  13. Oz

    Oz New Member

    Sillier ?? :confused:

    I can't :( they told me it's the padded cell if I get any worse :nuts:
  14. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member


    Kittie and Magic Guy are accompanying me to my neighbor's thing!!!!!

  15. HomeLAN

    HomeLAN New Member

    I need to go hide 48 eggs, and it's raining. Whee.
  16. Stop Laughing

    Stop Laughing New Member

    Yet another holiday to remind my grandmother of 8 times in the last 7 days. Oh well, it won't be so bad except for that. Happy Easter everyone! :)
  17. Nixy

    Nixy Elimi-nistrator Staff Member

    Tonsky...you get to sleep in?? Won't the kidlets be hounding you to get up so they can find eggs?
  18. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    the kiddies are with daddy this weekend...i slept until 9:10...sweetness. :D
  19. A.B.Normal

    A.B.Normal New Member

  20. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    haahah!! i have the shoes the bunny's wearing in that! the pink converse!

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