Holder's Justice Dept kills Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

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  1. ResearchMonkey

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    Justice Officials in 'Panic Mode' as Hearing Nears on Failed Anti-Gun Trafficking Program

    Officials at the Department of Justice are in "panic mode," according to multiple sources, as word spreads that congressional testimony next week will paint a bleak and humiliating picture of Operation Fast and Furious, the botched undercover operation that left a trail of blood from Mexico to Washington, D.C.

    The operation was supposed to stem the flow of weapons from the U.S. to Mexico by allowing so-called straw buyers to purchase guns legally in the U.S. and later sell them in Mexico, usually to drug cartels.

    - The ATF allowed and encouraged five Arizona gun store owners to sell some 1,800 weapons to buyers known to them as gun smugglers.


    I'll finish the story:

    HEADLINE: Gun Grabbers kill US border agent for leftist agenda.

    obama's justice dept created a situation where they can claim US guns were killing people in mexico so they can restrict guns laws in the US even more.

    Gee, all those people being killed for the drug trade, keep smoking that dope spike.
  2. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    leftist agenda? sounds like good old incompetence to me, drama queen.
  3. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    You see it works like this minx. You secretly sell guns to criminals, they commit crimes and murder with them. THEN you call for tighter gun laws for law abiding citizens.
    White House supports Mexico border gun rules: ATF
    Wed Feb 9, 2011 10:49pm GMT
    (Reuters) - The White House is pressing ahead with rules meant to slow the flow of weapons to Mexico, a high-ranking U.S. official said on Wednesday, despite fears among gun control advocates that the Obama administration may be backing away from the plan.

    In an attempt to curb gun running to Mexico, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said in December it would tighten reporting requirements for dealers in several southwest states on sales of multiple semi-automatic weapons.

    "I truly believe that everyone in the administration supports this and I'm pretty confident that we'll get it done," said William Hoover, acting deputy director of ATF, in an interview.

    More than 34,000 people have been killed in raging drug violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon took office in late 2006 and vowed to crush the powerful cartels.

    Mexico has put so many restrictions on gun ownership that its drug cartels obtain many of their guns in the United States and ship them illegally back to Mexico.

    The ATF made an emergency request for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to approve the new rules, which are opposed by the powerful gun lobby.


    I'd back off too if I knew that my "gun-runner" program that was going to be tied to the murder of a federal agent was being leaked to the press.

  4. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    it's all a big conspiracy to undermine your ability to... what is it you do, anyway, other than breed?
  5. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    talkin' to my kid the other day

    today's 20 something cohort is adamant
    they will not pay this ridiculous debt
    and be held responsible for the cosmic
    expanse of unfunded liabilities this government
    seeks to saddle them with...
  6. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    the 20 something cohort is also remarkably dumb.
  7. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Ok buddy

    everyone is dumb
  8. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    well, statistically, compared to us, they are dumb!
  9. spike

    spike New Member

    Wow, you just make up shit and act like it's true.

    "Documents indicate intentions were good. The idea, according to those documents, was to "allow the transfer of firearms" to pinpoint big cartel crooks rather than the small-time traffickers supplying them.

    Former New York State Deputy. Secretary of Public Safety Mike Balboni told CBS News, "They want to change the dynamic and truly go after the kingpin, so give the kingpin something that they can't resist -- this flow of weapons over 15 months -- and then track 'em, find 'em and take 'em down."
  10. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member


    Liberalism is dangerous and kills people.
  11. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Guns don't kill people, drug dealers with guns do
  12. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

  13. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    -- Operation Fast and Furious contributed to the increasing violence and deaths in Mexico. This result was regarded with giddy optimism by ATF supervisors hoping that guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico would provide the nexus to straw purchasers in Phoenix.

    That last finding is sure to anger Mexico, which has so far been muted in its criticism. In a March 2010 memo, ATF says it allowed gun smugglers to buy 359 guns while 958 people died in Mexico the same month. Internally, the agency was "trumpeting up the violence that was occurring as a result of an ATF sanctioned program."

    Agents say the man in charge of the operation in Phoenix, "was jovial, if not giddy" when Fast and Furious guns were found in Mexico. One agent described in detail his disgust at the self-satisfaction of ATF leadership for sending guns into what they knew to be a war zone, saying, "I cannot see anyone who has one iota of concern for human life being OK with this."

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/201...-furious-gun-operation-sure-to/#ixzz1PJnWEp3o

    Next comes more restrictions on purchasing. Leftist don't a give a fuck about human life, only their goals.

  14. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Kill all the Border Patrol Agents

    Take as many as I can away with me
    Anyone can be king for a day
  15. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    So, when you own the local policia & part of the military, do they needs Jose's Guns & Rum from Chandler?
  16. spike

    spike New Member

    Your link contains no info on restrictions on purchasing. Proving once again you live in a fantasy of made up shit.
  17. Winky

    Winky Well-Known Member

    Your certainty regarding the constituency of his fantasy bothers me.
  18. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    I can't help it if you need to be spoon fed your thoughts.
  19. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    spoon fed? dude you've never had an original idea. all the shit you spout is a#1 pre-fab opinion from big daddy.
  20. spike

    spike New Member

    Is that how you make up this shit with no factual basis? No thanks.

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