How disgraceful

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Professur, May 4, 2009.

  1. Professur I'm just a fungii. Well-Known Member

    I waited and waited ... but not one of you fuckers thought to wish Fluffy a Happy Birthday. Heartless bastards, all of you.

    Happy birthday, L'il buddy. Lemme know if something pops outta that cake.
  2. GrandCaravanSE Derby Guys Bang Harder! Active Member

    I love to be a FUCKER! Happy B-Day!
  3. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    I've been slow all day.:gmorning:

    Happy Birthday fury.*party*
  4. MrBishop Fuckin' Idealist on Holiday. CYA Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday fury!
    Been absent-minded..sorry 'bout that
  5. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

  6. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    Happy Birthday buddy :)

    My excuse is a I just got home from work...12hours door to door. Ugh
  7. fury Administrator

    Thanks, guys & gals! I'd hand out slices of cake, only I haven't gotten one yet :mope: (unless you count the imaginary kind)
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  8. pc_builder Expectorator New Member

    Happy Birthday.
    Been spending the past couple days setting up this linux box for video encoding.
  9. Sharky Carcharodon carcharias New Member

    :band: *party* Happy Birfday, flurff!! *party* :band:
  10. chcr We're dancing for once! Too cute for words

    Sorry I was late. Happy Birthday Dude!
  11. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    What kind do you like, and who caters in your area?
  12. fury Administrator

    Ice cream cake's good... or some kind of cake with white chocolate/buttermilk icing.. but I shouldn't do either one :p sugar is no good to me
  13. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

    you growin' out or somethin'?:cocktail:
  14. Inkara1 To err is human. To arr is pirate. Well-Known Member

    Here is some cake:

  15. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

  16. Dave Well-Known Member

    4 posts and still not banned?
    someones asleep at the switch
  17. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

    The other posts seemed a bit off but not worthy of a ban, this one..... I'm still :confuse3:
  18. blopync09 blopync09 Banned

    Today was just the small family dinner which I only got to stay at for a couple hours before running off to work. Other than that it was fine. The big family dinner is still a week and a half off.
  19. fury Administrator

    Delayed reaction? :lloyd:
  20. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    I think it was the PMs with the link to the Russian Brides site.

    (I got one of those PMs and I'm still not sure why... I'm a chick for chrissakes... a chick who likes wieners... not bush. :rolleyes: )
    From Wikipedia...
    Valkyrie - "In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is one of a host of women who decides who dies in battle."

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