Long overdue get to know your neighbor thread

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by unclehobart, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. unclehobart Cynic PhD New Member

    Fess up the basics just so we can place you in the warm fuzzy area in our hearts and not come off like a lurk-o-matic.

    Robert Strader
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    no kids, never married
  2. Jeslek Loveboy Banned

    Waterloo, ON, Canada
    never married, no kids
  3. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    Joe Sainson
    Collings Lakes, NJ,USA
    Divorced/3 kids- 23F, 22M, & 20M (Crop may be culled soon... :D )
  4. Vortex Cute... in a threatening way New Member

    Melissa (surname is embarrasing)
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    Never Married, No Kids (and with any luck, it'll stay like that!) :D
  5. Leslie Communistrator

    Leslie Summerton
    Everett, Ontario, Canada :canada:
    30 :(
    sorta married, 3 kids
  6. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    S. England
    5 divorces, no little humans
  7. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    :confuse3: A proffessional bride? Only get married for the honeymoon?
  8. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

    Martin van Rongen
    Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
    Not married, no kids, one bunny.
  9. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    Haven't you seen Heartbreakers? :D
  10. AlladinSane Unpleasant person Well-Known Member

    Jonas Rafael Schwarz
    Campo Bom, South of Brazil
    Single, no kids
  11. Leslie Communistrator

    Erskine was my great-grandma's maiden name :headbang:
  12. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    Does that make you and Ards sexually related?
  13. Leslie Communistrator

    I think so :*(
  14. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    Hamilton, Ontario
    Never married, no kids
  15. fury Administrator

    Dennis Field
    Greenwood, IN, USA
    Happily married to Xi and OTC (well, at least happily to Xi :lol: ) and leslie :confbang:, no kids, 2 cats
  16. Leslie Communistrator

    you forgot ME :eek6:
  17. Ardsgaine &quot;Here's lookin at you, kid.&quot; New Member

    It's a rare name, as a surname or otherwise.

    Ardsgaine is the old celtic form, or so I'm informed from a book of names I flipped through once. :)
  18. fury Administrator

    I'm sorry :crying3:

  19. Leslie Communistrator


    Hello, cousin! :hug: :)

    and that's better, fury! :D
  20. fury Administrator

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